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A high statures, elegant young man of age 27, with multiple complaints, visited me for consultation on 05-07-2018. He was in process of finalisation of his Chartered Accountancy. Besides this, he had international exposure and experience of doing an attractive job in UAE. While surfing on the net, he visited my website and collected necessary information about the homeopathy treatment and homeopathic medicine. His brother joined him during first visit for consultancy and case taking. He could not brief his history properly in his brother’s presence. So he was advised to provide complete history records through email or visit again. Further details were provided and discussed through email and WhatsApp communication.

A real picture of the mental, emotional and physical ailments got cleared in the second month when he visited again. It also provided an insight into his personality. He had suffered with serious physical ailments in his recent past. He has gone through many allopathic treatments. A lot of medication history was on record.

He presented a long list of complaints about his emotional and physical issues. These were his chief concerns;

Lack of concentration due to focus-shift and attention divert.
Anxiety related to the exam or interviews,
Anxiety related to the health; especially to the hairfall.
Anxiety related to some new and sudden situations – as mobile or door bell ringing created panic.
Social anxiety, isolation and anti social behaviour.
Anxiety or panic attacks.
Lack of interest related to the lack of motivation.
Mind blockade, Double Mindedness.
Wandering mind – to get engaged in trivial matters and minor details.
Foggy mind and light headedness.
Confusion regarding decision-making. Over-thinking. Regretfulness.
Weak memory. Difficulty in learning and memorizing the lessons.
Repeated thoughts.
Mood swings.
Too much Irritation, Aggression and Short temper.
Severe headaches related to hunger-feeling and travelling. Couldn’t skip meals.
Body trembling. Suddenly, used to loose grip onto the things carried by him.
Fears, apprehensions and phobias especially height – phobia (acrophobia)
Sleep quality – nightmares and snoring, jerks in hands and sometimes in legs while sleeping.
Sweating in hands and feet, low body temp.
Gas troubles.
Some speech problems.
Fatty liver cured.
High cholesterol issues.
Three years ago he had suffered from TB. So there were some regular issues of nasal and chest congestion still present.

Disposition and like, dislikes of the young man briefed by him;
According to him, winters are not favorite as he feels cold intolerance. Exposure to the extreme heat of summer is tolerable. Sudden weather and temperature change causes headaches. Draft of air is uncomfortable. Likes to open window at night. Sitting in a comfortable position is the favourite body posture. Loves to eat food of every type. Appetite is good. Spicy food is preferable, but with balanced spices. Can’t skip meals as it causes severe headache and weakness in the body. Feeling of depression during and after taking meals, so tries to divert attention by talking to someone, while taking food.

Likes loose dresses, tight ones are not tolerable.

Likes to do exercise or individual sports.

Don’t driving a car on the busy as well as on wide roads.

Too lazy and highly lethargic to get up in the morning even if he have had a whole night sleep.

Walks slowly and eats even slow.

Feels disturbance on being observed by the other people.

Feels blushed when getting anxious. Face and eyes get red when in anger.

Gets depressed at evening till the bed time.

He stated that he had done many adjustments to face the stressful situations in order to avoid the panic attacks. According to him he used to manage by ignoring the worrisome issues. To control the pressure situations by showing anger. To avoid the anticipation as it causes panic attacks.
He felt heart beat increased, paralysed body and stiffed neck during the anxiety attacks.
Critical analysis of his personality and routine life revealed many discrepancies and contradictions, present in his mind and attitude towards life . Indeed, he was highly qualified and socially exposed person but very timid , shy and low in self -esteem inwardly.As he was too shy to fix an appointment on the phone call or to have an eye contact. Apparently he had the delicate and sophisticated personality but he was actually harsh , violent and aggressive in his behaviours. Although he was married and father of a child but he always cherished the life of a carefree youngster. Status, health and beauty consciousness had become the marked traits of his personality – he just seemed like the “Prince Charming”.

He claimed of having realistic approach towards life but in reality he had too imaginative and idealistic plans and used to indulge into fantasy thinking about the future life. Shows much concern and sensitivity towards the near and dear ones but ultimately comes up with selfish desires and longings. He was of the dependent nature but fearful and apprehensive about the people around him ,Interrogative and investigative approach towards them. Apparently very talkative but in reality most secretive and introvert, easily irritated and disturbed on some critical comments even of his family members.

He had merged two opposite personalities into himself so successfully and artistically that even he himself was unable to recognise. Therefore he complained of having double personality.

He had been shy throughout his childhood period, but now had learnt to cope with the difficult situations. He had tactfully covered his weak points to give the impression of a successful and strong person. He had suppressed and covered weak, timid and shy child with the “fake personality” of an authoritative and aggressive young man. His childhood complexes have grown him up into a destructive and fierce young man.

Sometimes his inner complexes compelled him to become an anxious and socially isolated person.
To conclude we can say inherent weaknesses, too much concern and worries about himself about the family as well as the future created anxiety in his mind. Consequently, he tried to prove his talent and capabilities. But these fears and weakness became a big hurdle in his way to accomplish his plans. So, Practically he proved to be nothing but an escapist,who does not want to complete his education and business projects, who has rejected and resigned an honourable job in UAE. No doubt he wants to prove himself but in reality he doesn’t have enough courage and desire to face the hardships and realities of the practical life. So he can only give the impression of being brave and courageous.It is his dilemma that he has superficial thinking and attitude towards life. Too much homework and preparation for future assignments but practically is left with no passion and stamina or motivation to fulfil the duties and deliver the commitments. Rather, he is highly ambitious to prove himself responsible and successful in every sphere of life. He is indeed, too passionate to start the most difficult projects but looses interest and leaves incomplete. Even he doesn’t finish his meals properly. If he reaches the “height” of success anxiety and uncertainty regarding the future starts to disturb his plans. He could never rely or depend on his capabilities.

After two month’s successful homeopathy treatment Inner strength and inner confidence was worth – seeing as he claimed confidently;
“Although I am traveling alone, dealing different routine task comfortably.
Like, few days back I called some one regarding some query for the first time I was little nervous”.

His first feed back after one month treatment.
“Traveling issue is significantly on track. No headache or body ache, nor any emotional disturbance or anxiousness.
Also in general behaviour normal, not very short tempering behaviour, not facing any problem regarding choicing between options.

Generally body is relaxed. Sleep is good, No dreaming or foggy mind. Stomach going better.
Emotionally these days no depressive and anxiety feelings or thoughts. No sadness”.


Latest feedback;

“I think so that concentration is better.

Started homeopathic treatment 3 months before. During all sittings with Dr Hussain Kaisrani, issues were discussed in detail. Found him very helpful during all the sessions.

Basically, treatment was regarding two main issues which were problematic from last few years but now has been recovered in a very good way.

  1. This includes overestimating different things and events. And this was more specifically with certain events of pressure. This issue has been resolved.
  2. And other thing lack of concentration, which is now improved. No more giving attention to irrelevant things as small and sudden noises are not irritating. Also an improved temperament regarding daily routine work. Respond to general events is fast and improved. No more foggy and dull mind, It is more alert.

Physical issues that has been addressed and resolved less than three month.

  1. No more frequently disturbing headaches.
  2. Change in temperature is not causing any body ache.
  3. Also during traveling no fever like feeling and headache.
  4. When wake up feel fresh and energetic.
  5. Confusion and dual mindedness is no more.
  6. Sleeping cycle is improved very much.
  7. No more neck stiffness.
  8. No issue of sweating.
  9. Different sudden noises are not problematic anymore.

In addition to above mentioned issue something’s have been improved positively includes

  • Feeling positive change in stomach as well as thirst and appetite.
  • No more issue with heighty places (fear and phobia of height or high places).

This was to the point and positive feedback regarding Dr Hussain Kaisrani treatment.”

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