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ARSENICUM ALBUM (Ars.) – آرسنیک ایلبم – آرسینک البم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


ARSENICUM ALBUM (Ars.) – آرسنیک ایلبم – آرسینک البم


The Arsenicum patient feels insecure. He feels he doesn’t have support, he’s alone. This deep feeling of insecurity brings on many fears and anxieties such as the characteristic anxiety about health, the fear of death, the fear of poverty and of being alone. He is very fastidious; order makes him feel in control whereas untidiness and disorder make him anxious.  

The anxiety and fears are accompanied by restlessness and are aggravated at night.





ANXIETY about HEALTH with FEAR OF DEATH <after midnight, being alone.

RESTLESS during anxiety, fears or acute disease.

FASTIDIOUS, wants everything in order and very clean.

Selfish. Critical. Reproaches about others and about himself.



BURNING PAINS; the affected parts burn > warm drinks, warm applications.

CHILLY, lack of vital heat. Wants to be covered with many blankets.

Heat of head with coldness of body. Wants it exposed to open air.

Great thirst for small quantities often.

Diarrhoea after food poisoning. Great weakness from diarrhoea, after stool.

Diarrhoea before or during vomiting.


Difficult respiration (asthma) is worse when lying; it’s impossible to lie. Patient is unable to lie down for fear of suffocation.

Itching, must scratch until it bleeds.

Nausea, deathly <smell of food.




AMEL.: warmth, warm applications, hot drinks, sun.

AGG.: after midnight, esp. 1-2 a.m., lying with head low, becoming cold, entering a cold place.

AVERS.: food, smell of food, oil.



ARSENICUM ALBUM (Ars.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) – آرسینکم البم – آرسنیک البم

Coldness, weakness, anxiety, restlessness.

PAINS:  The pains are typically burning and are ameliorated by warmth.

FEVER/INFLUENZA: the patient is chilly with hot head, thirsty for sips, weak. Chills aggravated after midnight. Dry burning heat with anxiety and restlessness. Excoriating coryza. Headache and stitching pains in muscles.

EYES: burning tears, inflammation of lids, photophobia, dryness, redness, swelling under the lids, burning, smarting pain aggravated by cold and ameliorated by warm applications.

RESPIRATORY: pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma. Cough with perspiration, cough with sensation of dust in throat. All respiratory conditions are aggravated by cold (drinks, air, becoming), on eating, at evening, at night, on lying and ameliorated from warm drinks, on bending forward, on sitting up. Pneumonia where the right upper lobe is affected mostly.

CHEST: burning pain in chest on coughing ameliorated by warm applications. Constriction of chest, salty, bloody expectoration.

NOSE: sinusitis with burning discharge and facial pain esp. below eyes, left side.

Hay fever: with asthma, sneezing, burning of eyes and nose, excoriating lachrymation and coryza that causes rawness of nose, redness of eyes, photophobia, swelling under lids. Aggravated in cold air and ameliorated in warm room.

EAR: otitis with offensive discharge. Often painless otitis. Stitching or burning pain aggravated from cold and ameliorated from warm applications.

URINARY: sensation of fullness in bladder without urging, ineffectual urging, pain at the beginning of urination, burning pain in urethra, retention of urine, tenesmus, urine bloody, hot.

TEETH: toothache aggravated when lying on painful side, from cold drinks and ameliorated from warm drinks or applications.

GASTROINTESTINAL: diarrhea often accompanied by nausea and vomiting. (Verat.) Food poisoning, septic conditions. Diarrhoea after cold drinks. Copious diarrhoea which is excoriating, burning, bloody, lienteric, offensive.

Nausea from smell or thought of food. Nausea after fever. Bad, bitter taste. Indented tongue. Red tip of tongue. Vomiting with perspiration.

Aggravated from cold drinks or food, after eating, drinking and ameliorated from warmth.

MENTAL PICTURE:  Arsenicum patients are anxious about their condition of health. There is a fear that the condition may be serious and may result in death. This anxiety and fear of death get aggravated at night especially after midnight. They are restless and compelled to move around.

THIRST/CRAVINGS:  there is thirst for sips. Patients prefer warm drinks.


Aggravation: cold (air, applications, becoming).

Amelioration: warmth, warm applications, warm drinks.

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