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A Solved Case of severe Constipation and Hemorrhoids / Piles / varicose veins / بواسیر کا کامیاب کیس – ہومیوپیتھک علاج – Hussain Kaisrani

A lady age 30 years working as a programmer in an IT department of multinational company wanted to get homeopathic treatment of her piles problem شدید قبض اور بواسیر کا ہومیوپیتھک علاج . She sent her case through email and her medicines were dispatched as she was not comfortable to visit and discuss her case personally. Following is the summary of her case received by email. Her childhood and young age remained healthy. Had constipation and hard stool problem since 5 years or so Six months ago she noticed blood with stool Gradually blood with pain and itching started Since last 4 months she is having بواسیر شدید درد اور جلن  Piles, severe pain / itching on anus Feels pain in knee joints specifically when it is bent Pain in heals - feels it will be broken if touches on ground Stomach problem - gastric if eaten something different Likes to have spicy - Mirch Masala - foods but can not take anymore Due to illness and then deaths in the family, she remained in tension and mentally disturbed during last 6 months but feels normal now. Overall an active person Period / Menses / cycles fully normal read more [...]

Homeopathic Treatment of Hay Fever and Pollen Allergy related problems

Recently, I presented here a case of homeopathic treatment of hoarseness which went very successful. The lady suffering from hoarseness persuaded her husband (Mr GA) to consider homeopathy for his issues like Hay Fever / Pollen Allergy. Mr GA - 48 years age - is a professional accountant in East London. Before moving to UK, he worked on high positions in health department of Punjab Government so has vast relations with senior doctors. Tried his level best to find out a proper solution of his problem. The final advise from each consultant was to take anti-allergy pills as per requirement. After discussing the matter with many consultants he concluded that there is no other solution of his problem but to use anti-allergy drugs. The weather condition in the UK was compelling him to increase the intake of anti allergy tablets. Further more, he was facing side effects like dizziness and dullness. He was also aware that this is only a management of problem not the treatment. Quality of life was seriously disturbed as there was irritation, disturbance and bad mood along with constant sneezing, bland watery discharge from both the nose and eyes. High aversion to noise and conversation read more [...]

A homeopathic treatment of Hoarseness – A Causticum case

A lady - age 35 years - from London (UK) developed a problem of hoarseness آواز یا گلا بیٹھنا soon after reaching Pakistan. She is already a patient of diabetes since 5 years along with tonsil problem which is being managed by gargling. The recent issue of hoarseness was severe. Due to it, she was having problem in socializing for which she came to Pakistan. On March 19, 2016 she visited me and all the detail of her case was taken. No other issue directly related to hoarseness was found. She was taking good amount of conventional medicines prescribed and provided by NHS, England. There were no symptoms of cold, flu or inflammation found. She was neither a speaker nor too much talkative.  No cold water or item was taken which would have caused this. The physical condition of throat was also quite normal. There were more than 20 remedies suggested in the books under acute hoarseness. Rai Bahadur Bishambar Das has given a list of 36 remedies in his book Select Your Remedy. I prescribed Causticum though it was not clearly indicated in the case except that it works great if some problem seems only localised. It also has an impact on local paralysis, vocal cords read more [...]

Homeopathic Treatment of Ganglion Cyst on Wrist – A Case of Causticum

A ganglion cyst is a benign (not cancerous) swelling or growth or tumor. It is also named as a Bible Cyst. Usually these occur in women of age 20 to 40 years age. Ganglion cysts rarely occurs in children younger than ten years age. These are most common lumps or mass in the hands. Generally, they occur on back of the hand but can also develop on the palm side of wrist or at the joint of the wrist. When growth in on the back side of wrist then it is more prominent and looks awkward. Inside the cyst is a clear, colourless, sticky, thick, sticky, jellylike material. Cysts may feel spongy or firm but it depends on its size. The cause and reason of ganglion cyst is unknown. There are few theories which provide the details of its growth. Most ganglion are not painful but some degree of pain is witnessed when it is pressed. Otherwise these are without any symptom except the appearance issue. A Case Treated by Homeopathic Remedy Causticum A lady - age 34 years - was having a Ganglion Cyst on back of her Wrist. In the start it was small and not painful either. With the passage of time, it increased (photos enclosed) and was looking very awkward when writing or working. She is a read more [...]

A Case Cured with Baryta Carbonica

Baryta Carbonica is considered a constitutional remedy for those who are dwarfish in body or mind. They are mentally backward and late in learning. They usually have a weak memory, are inattentive, irresolute and very much concerned about their appearance. They will colour their hair when it gets gray or use various colours to look prettier and more accepted by other people. Baldness may be a prominent physical sign in the affected Bar-c person.  The remedy can increase one’s memory, attention, self-confidence and intelligence. Case Analysis:  A single man, aged 28 complaining of male type baldness was visited at his home in February 2013. He expressed ideas and beliefs about God and Satan that seemed rather illogical and unbalanced. He is an architectural engineer who usually works on private projects at home. He lives with his mother and is still single. He could hardly come to a clear decision on various subjects. His brother and two sisters are living in Australia and two sisters and two brothers are residing in Tehran. He was very much concerned about being bald. His main rubrics led me to Baryta carb.   A dramatization MIND – IRRESOLUTION, indecision HEAD read more [...]
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