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Baryta Sulphurica – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

  Baryta Sulphurica   The essential features Barium sulphuricum is the remedy to try in a Sulphur case that does not respond, where the patient looks timid, confused, and is closed in on himself, with an amelioration in the open air. This remedy should also be thought of in a case that looks like Baryta, where the patient is much more critical than you would expect a Baryta patient to be, though the criticism is internal - the patient is averse to discussing such matters, so does not voice her criticism. Barium sulphuricum derives very few of its symptoms from the Barytas; many of its characteristics come from its other component: Sulphur. We do of course see the aversion to mental work, the confusion of mind particularly in the morning or evening, the weak memory, especially for words while speaking, the difficulty in concentration and the general tendency towards imbecility which we recognise from the Barytas. But these elements do not suffice to give the true picture of this remedy. The keynotes are the withdrawal and sense of being closed in, the aversion to or even fear of communication, although inwardly we see the tendency to be very critical of others. read more [...]

Baryta Muriatica – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

    Baryta Muriatica Chloride of Barium Ba Cl2 2H2O   The essential features This remedy, though presenting many similarities in its gross symptomatology with Baryta carbonica, yet has features of its own. It has all the main symptoms of Baryta carbonica including the difficulty in concentration, the dulness of mind, the confusion, the indecision and the immaturity. The Baryta muriatica patient is confused in her mind. She does not answer properly, as if she were thinking of something else at the moment. She has great difficulty in concentration while studying or reading, and difficulty in learning, comprehension, and memory. She is irresolute and indecisive, and very similar to Baryta carbonica in her immaturity. There is anxiety about the future, and a rapid progression to a state of idiocy. The primary action of Baryta muriatica, which presents us with the unique picture of this remedy and on which I shall now focus, is concentrated on three particular areas: the nervous system, the vascular system and the glands.   The effect on the central and peripheral nervous system This is primarily a "convulsive remedy" in the broadest sense read more [...]

Baryta Iodata – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

  Baryta Iodata Baric iodide Ba I2 Trituration   The essential features The main action of Baryta iodata is to retard development and to infiltrate, enlarge and indurate glands and organ tissues. You will need this remedy mostly with children, particularly in cases of cachetic, malnourished children. Baryta iodata suits a child who does not grow as he should, whose lymphatic glands are very swollen and hard, who catches cold easily and who exhibits opacity of the cornea. The opacity which is apparent in the eye parallels the induration and infiltration of internal organs and glands. There are other remedies that feature opacity of the cornea and swollen cervical glands, such as Cadm., Calc-c., Arg-n., etc. But in order to prescribe this remedy you need to observe that the child is not developing properly and that its growth is stunted. Here we must differentiate with Baryta carbonica as far as the stunted growth or dwarfishness is concerned. In Baryta iodata we do not see dwarfishness as such but rather a general cachexia and emaciation. When we talk about the characteristics of a remedy it means that these characteristics are the first thing read more [...]

Baryta Carbonica – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Baryta Carbonica Carbonas baryta "Carbonate of Barium Ba CO3, with which are included symptoms of Baryta acetica - Barium acetate Ba(C2H3O2)2. (I follow Hering and Hahnemann in combining the two, as I agree with Hering that "there is hardly any difference between the two, and certainly none in the symptoms cured.") Solution of acetate; trituration of carbonate." Clarke. English: Carbonate of Barytes; Carbonate of Baryta French: Baryte carbonatée; sous-carbonate de baryte German: Baryt; Schwererde Mode of preparation: Crystallized chloride of Barium, well pulverized, is to be boiled for two minutes with six parts of alcohol, in order to free it from the chloride of strontium, which might be mixed with it; the powder is then to be dissolved in six parts of boiling distilled water and precipitated by carbonate of ammonia; the precipitate is to be repeatedly washed with distilled water and then dried. The attenuations are to be first prepared by three triturations, like those of the minerals.   The essential features Like all polychrests, Baryta carbonica is used in all age groups and in a wide span of disorders. The old homeopaths' observation of Baryta read more [...]

Baptisia Tinctoria – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

  Baptisia Tinctoria   Wild Indigo N.O. Leguminosae Tincture of fresh root and its bark.   The essential features Baptisia has come down to us as a remedy for typhus, although it has been a subject for controversy over the years. Some practitioners, including Kent, have praised Baptisia highly in this condition, where others stated flatly that it was useless for the real typhus. Kent also states in his materia medica that this is an acute remedy for acute conditions only. I do not agree with either statement. In my experience Baptisia has worked well when prescribed on proper indications, whether   for acute or chronic conditions. Since the idea of typhus has overwhelmed our literature on Baptisia, and has given the impression that this remedy should be thought of only in typhoid states, I will begin by indicating the range of diseases or conditions in which this remedy is needed: Influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, encephalitis, cholocystitis, food poisoning, enteritis, enterocolitis, peritonitis, tuberculous enteritis, psychotic conditions, anxiety neurosis, chronic fatigue syndrome, alzheimer's disease and asthmatic conditions. These read more [...]

Bacillinum Burnett – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Bacillinum Burnett A nosode of tuberculosis first described by D. Burnett, prepared from tuberculous sputum by Dr. Heath.   The essential features The constitutional type that needs this remedy is usually characterised by a flat, narrow or hollow chest, shoulders thrown forward, an undernourished appearance and a skin color going from a deep yellow to a greyish brown. In some cases you may notice that the front part of the head is narrow and pointed, while the back part is very large and rather square, unlike theCancerinum child whose very big head bulges out in the front. The Bacillinum individual is thin and emaciated and suffers from a permanent feeling of weakness which turns into exhaustion with the slightest cold or cough. The cough could be a constant dry, hacking one or accompanied by much purulent expectoration. Bacillinum has more pus from the lungs but less exhaustion than Stannum. Stannum and Muriatic acid lead all the other remedies in general exhaustion. Bacillinum patients present the following characteristics in their medical history: Susceptibility to common colds, which they catch easily and frequently, and from which they do not recover quickly. read more [...]

Aurum Muriaticum – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Aurum Muriaticum Auric Chloride   The essential features   Aurum muriaticum is a remedy with a great deal of feeling; it is the most passionate and romantic remedy, with particularly erotic feelings. It is a tubercular remedy par excellence, and may be said to stand between Stannum and Tuberculinum. You may find an individual who has suffered with tuberculosis in her younger years but has been cured by modern medicine. This person goes through a period of emotional stress later on in life - due to an unhappy love affair perhaps - and her health starts to decline. A hacking cough may appear out of the blue and show no sign of abating, shortness of breath can develop, and depression may set in sooner or later. The patient cannot sleep, loses her appetite, is restless, anxious, dissatisfied; her health declines fast and yet she does not want to admit that she is seriously ill, to the point where if somebody reminds her of this issue she becomes angry. She cannot face reality, soon takes to Valium and Tavor and you have a case in hand that looks like a serious case of anorexia nervosa with tuberculosis lurking underneath. If she does not take the remedy soon, surely read more [...]

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Aurum Muriaticum Natronatum Double chloride of Gold and Sodium. Chloro-aurate of Soda.   The essential features Aurum muriaticum natronatum is another member of the Aurum family that primarily affects the sexual-hormonal balance in women. Its sphere of action is not entirely known, but we do have some indications from which we can draw certain conclusions. This remedy initially excites the organism causing congestion and/or irritation of the uterus and ovaries, ulceration of the uterus, endometritis, inflammation of the ovaries, profuse and premature menses, habitual abortion, etc. As may easily be understood, it also increases the sexual passions in women, occasionally resulting in nymphomania. You may for instance have a case of a woman who has very much enjoyed an illicit love affair with a married man; she has thoroughly enjoyed the erotic contact, but at a certain point she finds that she has to give up the relationship, for one reason or another, and that she has to repress her sexual desire. The production of the hormones that were flowing exuberantly before is then repressed, to the point where they are almost petrified; similarly, we then see at this stage read more [...]

Aurum Metallicum – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Aurum Metallicum   Aurum foliatum, Aurum purum English: Gold leaf, Pure gold French: Or en feuilles, Or pur German: Gold, Blatgold   The essential features Gold imprints upon the human organism the idea of self-destruction, of annihilation, of death. When introduced into the living organism, it tends to deprive the person of the will to live. It is the principle remedy to develop the state of loathing for life, desire to die, and tendency to commit suicide. As several other remedies correspond to suicidal depression, we must here concentrate upon a description of the particuar type of person, the character of the individual who requires Aurum.   The personality of aurum The central theme of Aurum is extreme depression and loathing of life which progress to suicidal thoughts and, finally, self-destruction. These elements are clearly described in earlier literature. An extreme depression does not develop overnight, and not without earlier stages. For homeopathic practitioners the very best strategy is to prevent the final stage of the Aurum depression, to prevent the possibility of suicide. To facilitate this recognition we must identify the read more [...]

Asarum Europaeum – Homeopathic Remedy – Materia Medica Viva George Vithoulkas

Asarum Europaeum (A Case of Irritability, intolerance to withstand people, Noises and Hyper Responsive to Minor Stimuli - An Asarum Europaeum Case – Hussain Kaisrani) Asarum vulgare, Asarum foliis reniformibus subhirsutis English: Asarabacca, Fole's Foot, Hazelwort, Wild Nard French: Asaret, Cabaret d'Europe, Oreille d'homme, Narde sauvage German: Haselwurz, Haselkraut Italian: Asaro Dutch: Mansoor Swedish: Hasselört Russian: Wodoler Natural order: Aristolochiae Family: Jussieu [vegetable substance] - Gynandria monogynia, L. Mode of preparation: The whole plant is used; it is gathered during the flowering in April, May and June. The juice of the fresh plant is expressed and mixed with equal parts of alcohol, which yields the mother tincture.   The essential features Asarum appears to be primarily an hysterical remedy. The state of Asarum arises for varied reasons, the two most common being alcoholism and mental overexertion. There are in Asarum, as in other remedies, different stages of development of pathology -- different levels of physical and mental disturbances. One level of disturbance can be quite mild, but the very same remedy read more [...]
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