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Sickness to Health

A feedback from a Business Lady – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Thanks for being my doctor. You are a very nice person.

Thanks to Allah, I met you!


A feedback from a Medical Doctor, Surgeon – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Aoa! sir how r u, hope u will be fine and doing well, sir with medicine thinking process is better and so with modification can do work but sometimes thinking comes and can give feeling of anxiety and tremors type, but overall is tolerable.

Thanx a lot, I will visit u some day to meet u sir.


A feedback from a Medical Doctor, Consultant – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

I am very happy with your way of treatment. You give importance to those issues which i have been ignoring for long, they have made life miserable, i was not even aware of them and no physician pays any attention to them.. thanx a lot.. i am very hopeful that this bleeding session will end soon. -------- Thanks a lot for your understanding and complements Doctor Sahiba. In my understanding all these issues are the sequences which ultimately made your life miserable. (Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant, Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210)   read more [...]

A feedback from a Medical Doctor – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Being a doctor myself, I really do understand that results are not in anybody's control, neither doctor nor patient. What matters is EFFORT and willingness for not giving up. I really do feel very lucky and obliged to have you. Also i am sorry, some days i become so upset and indifferent  of my existence that i really dont know how to get out of that mental phase. Such are the days when everything starts hurting even more (which is medically justified because stress aggravates stomach ulcer, acid production). Otherwise you know that i am never impatient and hasty with results. Thank U so much for everything! read more [...]

Feedback from an Online Client – A Govt. Officer Lady – Homeopathic Treatment by Hussain Kaisrani

Thanks Dr. Sb now you know the whole picture you must be proud that your medicine can work in any condition..

Its a blessing of Allah only.
You don’t know, Madam Sahiba, how much happy I am to listen your success story. The great change in your personality after starting my treatment confirms my believe that homeopathic treatment not only improves the health but also quality of work and life.
Thanks for acknowledging and giving due credit to my hard work. I am obliged!
(Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant, Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210)


Bedwetting, Anger and Behavior problem – Homeopathic Treatment: A feedback from Online Client

The situation was quite different from usual days. Below is my feedback. Bedwetting: Since the administration of medicine, there have been 4-5 occasions of bed wetting. At 2 occasions, he even woke up to go to the toilet. For the remainder of the month, no bed wetting. Some of the factors involved were: Sufficient time between dinner and going to bed. This gave him opportunity to empty his bladder before retiring to bed. On the other hand, when wets the bed, I note that there is not sufficient time between dinner and going to bed. Secondly, he is too tired and deep in sleep that he couldn’t get up. He also told me that sometimes he just let pass the urine because he feels that it will happen before he could reach toilet. I already discussed with him this issue and tried to explain. Overall Behavior: He had a very good month. Most of the time, it was school holidays. With guests around, he enjoyed to its full. Most of the times, he was in good mode. Rarely showed signs of anger. He also controlled himself quite well when we returned from Saudi Arabia. He cried for some time but generally remained quite composed. School: He is getting quite responsible read more [...]

A Solved Case of Exam Anxiety / Test Stress – Homeopathic Treatment and Medicines – Hussain Kaisrani

  A Client / Patient, Miss AA, age 25, resident of Pakistan, university student contacted on January 05, 2018 through Phone / WhatsApp for the Homeopathic treatment of her anxiety about exams. She was preparing for exams but was not able to concentrate at all. Fear of failure and anxiety about her parent's well being were bothering her too much (She is a hostelite nowadays). Along with these matters she was also having issues in several aspects of physical and emotional health. Miss AA had been facing Exam anxiety since her childhood. In her last semester, she had been very disturbed due to vomiting soon after going through the question paper which had long questions. Just after three days, she is appearing in her final papers of a semester. Her Chief Complaints were Examination Stress, anticipation and very poor concentration. However, Homeopathic treatment and remedy selection process requires a thorough case taking. After a detailed interview, following issues came into consideration: PHYSICAL COMPLAINTS Shortness of Breath, Vomiting and Nausea (during exams / tests) Feeling of faintness (during exams / tests) Shivering and trembling Loss of sleep, read more [...]

منگنی ختم ہوئی مگر زندگی تو نہیں – آن لائن کلائنٹ کا مسرت اور شکریہ سے بھرپور فیڈبیک (حسین قیصرانی)۔

ایک جوان بچی کے لئے منگنی کا ٹوٹنا کسی الم ناک سانحے سے کم نہیں ہوتا۔ خاص طور پر جب منگنی کا عرصہ کم و بیش تین سال تک محیط رہا ہو۔ عمر کے اِس حصہ میں تین سال کی مدت بہت ہی اہمیت کی حامل ہوتی ہے۔ اِسی دوران میں ہی تو معقول رشتے آنے ہوتے ہیں۔ منگنی ٹوٹنے کے بعد کئی قسم کی کہانیاں میں بھی عام ہو جاتی ہیں یا کر دی جاتی ہیں۔ اِن سارے عوامل کی وجہ سے اکثر بچیاں زندگی سے کٹ جاتی ہیں۔ لوگوں سے ملنے بلکہ اپنے کمرے سے باہر نکلنا تک بھی چھوڑ دیتی ہیں۔ اُن کے ذہنی اور نفسیاتی مسائل بڑھ جانے کا اثر اُن کی جسمانی صحت پر بہت برا پڑتا ہے۔ میری اِس کلائنٹ نے بھی یہ سب کچھ سہا، بھگتا اور برداشت کیا۔ اُس کی ذہنی، نفسیاتی اور جسمانی صحت بہت ہی خراب ہو گئی۔ اُس کی دنیا عملاً اُس کے کمرہ read more [...]

ہومیوپیتھک علاج میں کیس ٹیکنگ اور فیڈبیک کی ایک مثال- حسین قیصرانی

ایک کلائنٹ کا تازہ ترین فیڈبیک میرے اس نئے کلائنٹ کو کافی سارے مسائل (جسمانی، جذباتی اور نفسیاتی) درپیش ہیں۔ میری اُن کے ساتھ ایک ماہ میں یہ تیسری نشست تھی جو بطورِ خاص چُھٹی کے دن (اتوار کو) رکھی۔ تین سے پانچ بجے شام مسلسل دو گھنٹے کیس ٹیکنگ ہوئی۔ اتنی سوچ بچار اور ڈسکشن کے بعد ایک ہومیوپیتھک دوا منتخب کی اور اُس کی دو خوراکیں اُس رات کھانے کی ہدایت کے ساتھ رخصت کیا۔ آج اُن کا فیڈبیک موصول ہوا جو یہاں پیش کیا جا رہا ہے۔ فرماتے ہیں: آپ نے کل جو دوا مجھے دی تھی اُس کی دو خوراکیں کھانے کے 2 گھنٹہ بعد ہی میں نے اپنے آپ کو بہت پُرسکون محسوس کیا۔ ایک مستقل بے سکونی کی کیفیت، بے آرامی کا احساس اور اعصاب میں کھچاؤ تو ختم ہوا ہی اور ساتھ ہی دل کی دھڑکن میں بھی خاصی کمی ہو read more [...]

Homeopathic Treatment of Skin eruption, Allergy, Itching, Dryness, Nail Fungus – A feedback from an Online Client

FEEDBACK Foot allergy is getting better. Side part of right foot is completely free of allergy now. Right foot is 90% better on which allergy appeared later. Left foot upper part is getting better no water or blood excretion plus it's almost no painful anymore. Its itchy sometimes specially at night. Without applying any moisture it's so dry ... some wounds are still on it and they are itchy sometimes. Dry layers of flakes have been removing since this part of stiff black and raised. Now normal skin is appearing. When I started medicine - Homeopathic Treatment - there was another sign of allergy on same leg and I was worried but it has dried and disappearing now .... secondly there was another wound inside the nose tip which was enough painful and bleeding but it is also better now.   Body dryness a little bit better ... itching on arms and legs is there. Sleep duration is better Mood is better Less fearful and scared these days Less fearful in block traffic and rush Nail issue - Fungus - is getting better   (Hussain Kaisrani - Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant - Bahria read more [...]
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