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Homeopathy medicines and treatment for dengue and malaria fever

Not all fevers are dengue or malaria infections. But in this ongoing dengue season, you should seek immediate medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner or hospital for any change in your body temperature. Following information is not a replacement for expert medical advice.



Malaria Officinalis 30c can be used as a preventive measure against dengue and malaria fever:

One dose in the morning and one in the evening for two days.

Repeat after 1 week for 3 weeks.



(1) If fever starts with vomiting:

Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours.
Ferrum Phos 30x, Natrum Sulph 30x: Take both these medicines alternatively every 4 hours. These will take care of fever (and skin rashes if any.)

(2) If fever is accompanied by extreme pain in the body:

Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours.

Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c – 4 doses with 4 hour interval. This will take care of the body pain.

Ferrum Phos 30x, Natrum Sulph 30x: Take these medicines alternatively every 4 hours for two days. These will take care of fever. (and skin rashes if any.)

(3) If blood platelets count goes down too low, bleeding can start. This is an emergency and you should immediately transfer the patient to the hospital. A single dose of Crotalus horridus 30c can help stop the bleeding.


  1. The earlier, the better. I have seen some cases of dengue fever get better within first 24 hours with the timely treatment of above medicines.
  2. The above are the most common symptoms of prevailing dengue infection in Lahore and other parts of the city. If your symptoms differ significantly, contact me ( and I shall put you in contact with a qualified homeopath. (All support is voluntary and free of cost)
  3. These medicines can be taken safely by kids and pregnant women as well without any fear of side effects.
  4. These medicines can be taken along with whatever other treatment you are on.
  5. These medicines are not expensive and all of the above can be bought for less than Rs: 200/-.
  6. In my personal experience, medicines made by Masood Homeopathy Stores and Hospitals are very effective. They have sales points in 3 different parts of Lahore. For details see
  7. If you have trouble arranging these medicine, email me ( and I shall get these delivered to you free of cost.

I shall update this blog post as I find more information. Bookmark this blog post or, better, subscribe to this blog to stay updated.

Special thanks to my respected friend, Dr. Asad Safdar, for sharing this information. He is a qualified homeopath currently practicing in US with experience of treating dengue patients in Pakistan.


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