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IODIUM (Iod.) – آئیوڈیم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


IODIUM (Iod.)  – آئیوڈیم


The word for Iodum is overactivity. The body is burning literally and metaphorically. It burns its energy quickly. These patients are very restless, must move all the time. They eat but are lean or even emaciated, the body burns the calories so quickly that they feel hungry all the time. They cannot go on if they don’t eat, they feel ameliorated by eating.

They are one of the warmest remedies, they burn. On the mental level, we see this overactivity too. The mind is so active as to become obsessive and compulsive.





OVERACTIVITY ON ALL LEVELS. RESTLESSNESS, cannot sit down. Must move constantly, impulse to run. Hurried. Anxiety during work.

Feel they have forgotten something. Goes off and leaves purchases.

COMPULSIVE NEUROSIS. Checking twice. Ritualistic behaviour.

Physical exertion ameliorates.

Anxiety when hungry. 



HYPERTHYROIDISM. Protrusion of eyes (exophthalmus). Goitre painful, exophthalmic.

EMACIATION. Eats a lot but still loses weight. Ravenous appetite with emaciation or marasmus. Ravenous appetite soon after eating.

Hard swelling, induration of glands. Atrophy of testes/ovaries/mammæ.

Weakness from heat, perspiration, hunger, ascending.

Violent palpitation <exertion. 



AGG.: WARMTH, becoming warm.

AMEL.: WHILE EATING OR AFTER EATING, motion, cold, open air, exertion.

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