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Observing the patient after prescribing the homeopathic Remedy – Hussain Kaisrani

After prescribing the remedy, the physician shall very carefully observe his patient in every respect;

  • his general condition,
  • aggravations and amelioration of symptoms,
  • any change in the symptoms or in the patient himself, etc.

The Observations

  1. After giving the medicine to the patient if the physician’s observation is a prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient, the case is incurable.
  2. The Second observation is, the long aggravation, but final and slow improvement. It is a hopeful case with prolonged repetition of the same remedy at longer intervals. For many years you may go along with prolonged aggravations followed by amelioration untill an outward manifestation appears whereby the patient will attain final recovery.
  3. The Third observation after administering the remedy is, quick aggravation, short and strong with rapid improvement of the patient. Whenever you find an aggravation comes quickly, is short, and has been more or less vigorous, then you will find improvement of the patient will be long, the structural changes many appear in the surface organ, and with the passage of time the surface organs regain their natural structure after they have dragged out all that was destroying internal organs.
  4. The Fourth Observation relates to cases in which we have no aggravation with recovery patient. The remedy administered was correct according to the symptoms, so was the potency suitable to the vitality of the patient. In such cases there is no organic disease, and no tendency to organic disease. It is simple functional disorder of the nerves.


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