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Aim of medicine: An interview with Professor George Vithoulkas

Homeopathy and healthcare: an interview with Professor George Vithoulkas Abstract In an age of increasing commercialism and advertisements, we often find saner voices suppressed or go unheard amidst the din and noise of these prevalent views. However alternate views exist like parallel universes, unseen yet strongly influencing us, drawing our heart and mind towards a deeper hidden reality. Homeopathy is one such world-view that looks at man from a different and holistic viewpoint than merely as a bundle of chemicals or a mechanical machine. As cracks begin to appear in our healthcare delivery system and promises of ultimate therapy through allopathy, more and more attention is turning towards alternate approaches of which homeopathy is among the most well-recognised and trusted method of treatment. The following interview gives us a brief but incisive overview of this alternate field of medicine that continues to help and heal many despite the strictures passed upon it by the proponents of mainstream medicine. Introduction The rapid development of medicine in the 20th century, due to the large-scale implementation of breakthroughs in chemistry, biology and applied technologies read more [...]

The bad effects of wrong Homeopathic treatment -Urdu- Hussain Kaisrani

نا اہل ہومیوپیتھک ڈاکٹروں کے علاج کے بعد بھی مریضوں کی حالت ناگفتہ بہ ہو جاتی ہے۔ یہ ڈاکٹر صاحبان مریض کو بیک وقت تین    ادویات دینے کے عادی ہوتے ہیں۔ اور بعض ڈاکٹر اونچی طاقت میں دوائیں بلا ضرورت استعمال کرنے کے عادی ہوتے ہیں، بلا جواز ان کا استعمال بے دھڑک کرتے ہیں۔ اور بدقسمتی سے اب کچھ عرصہ سے ہومیوپیتھک مرکبات کا اِستعمال بھی بے تحاشا  ہو رہا ہے۔ واضح رہے کہ ہومیوپیتھک کا یہ بنیادی اصول ہے کہ ایک وقت میں صرف ایک دوا کا اِستعمال عمل میں لایا جائے۔ ایسے ہومیوپیتھک ڈاکٹرز کے بعد اگر مریض کا صحیح علاج کرنے کا موقع میسر آئے تو ایلو دو تین دن دینا ضروری ہو جاتا ہے۔ اِس سے اصل علامات واضح ہو جاتی ہیں۔ اِس بات کو سمجھنا بے حد ضروری ہے کہ ہومیوپیتھک ادویات read more [...]

Why Some People Handle Stress Better Than Others

(Mandy Oaklander) A quick scan of any recent headline would reveal that humans live in a highly stressed world, full of violence, terror and hate. Sometimes, it’s a wonder we can go on with our lives at all. (If that feels like you, see this recent piece about How to Cope When the World Feels Like Total Chaos.) “There is a drive to cope and to survive,” says Rajita Sinha, director of the Yale Stress Center and lead author of a new study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Yet we all respond to stress differently, and some of us are more resilient than others. But why? Sinha and her colleagues wanted to look inside people’s brains during a stressful situation to see if anything special was happening to help people cope better with stress. They recruited 30 healthy people and put them in an fMRI scan session for six long minutes, during which they were shown either stressful or neutral images. “When you get stressed, it’s not brief—it goes on for a little bit,” Sinha says. “And that’s the state in which the brain has to figure out what to do.” The stressed group was shown 60 scary, violent images, like people being shot, read more [...]

Observing the patient after prescribing the homeopathic Remedy – Hussain Kaisrani

After prescribing the remedy, the physician shall very carefully observe his patient in every respect; his general condition, aggravations and amelioration of symptoms, any change in the symptoms or in the patient himself, etc. The Observations After giving the medicine to the patient if the physician's observation is a prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient, the case is incurable. The Second observation is, the long aggravation, but final and slow improvement. It is a hopeful case with prolonged repetition of the same remedy at longer intervals. For many years you may go along with prolonged aggravations followed by amelioration untill an outward manifestation appears whereby the patient will attain final recovery. The Third observation after administering the remedy is, quick aggravation, short and strong with rapid improvement of the patient. Whenever you find an aggravation comes quickly, is short, and has been more or less vigorous, then you will find improvement of the patient will be long, the structural changes many appear in the surface organ, and with the passage of time the surface organs regain their natural structure after they read more [...]

The Future of Homeopathy – A Perspective View

There is an overall impression that homeopathy is used today by millions of people and practiced by hundreds of thousands of practitioners all over the world … which is true! Whether the practitioners are capable of using this new force in medicine in an appropriate way is a totally different story. The homeopathic field of medicine is so open to all kind of interventions, distortions and bad practice that its original form is almost totally masked or lost and its effectiveness reduced to a mere 10% of its capabilities. This minimal 10% derives mainly from a small group of practitioners that have followed the original teachings of S. Hahnemann and the right lines of applications. The effect of those practitioners in their private practice is near 70-80% of success. These practitioners were recognised as classical homeopaths, but soon a lot of intruders attached to their name this qualification in order to confuse the public and get a portion of the clientele. Though Homeopathy’s overall effectiveness is low due to its bad application by most of its practitioners, in the minds of the people it has been established as a form of medicine that is better and more effective than conventional read more [...]

KEYNOTES derived from Homeopathic Material Medica VIVA George Vithoulkas – Hussain Kaisrani HOMEOPATHIC Consultancy Lahore

  ACONITUM NAPELLUS (Acon.) All ailments acute or chronic are attended by fear of impending death and the feeling that death is imminent or near. Ailments that arise from fright that threatened the life of the person.     FEAR OF IMPENDING DEATH     MENTAL     AILMENTS FROM FRIGHT.   FEARS: DEATH (during labor, pregnancy, menses, heart symptoms), predicts the time of death, presentiment of death. OPEN SPACES, NARROW PLACES, TUNNELS, EARTHQUAKE, CROWD, AIRPLANE, heart disease, darkness.   PANIC STATES accompanied by: palpitations, red face, one sided numbness, faintness, restlessness, perspiration, trembling, vertigo, dyspnoea, fear of death.   Calm between panic states.     PHYSICAL   Acute symptoms arise from EXPOSURE TO DRY COLD AIR or WIND (cough, eye inflammation, coryza, prosopalgia). From becoming cold during perspiration.   During fever the skin is dry and hot, there is intense nervous restlessness and tossing about, chills, with intense thirst for cold water, one cheeck is red and hot and the other pale and cold. Face bloated and red. read more [...]

SOME REMARKS ON ARNICA, CACTUS AND GELSEMIUM – Talks on Classical Homeopathy Part 3 – Discussion with Geroge Vithoulkas

  SOME REMARKS ON HOMEOPATHIC ARNICA, CACTUS AND GELSEMIUM George: Do you remember from the conference last year where the man was describing that he had an accident and took Ara. It was interesting. He said that it affected him very much. After two days he started to have a severe, constricted pain in the chest. Arn. did not work any more and he took some Chinese acupuncture which caused improvement. What was the remedy which he should have taken? First he took Arn. because he had bruises and the pain went away. But then this constriction developed which was very severe and he had to take painkillers. Arn. is not indicated anymore, of course, but Cact. will act like magic. Al has shown me a very interesting description of what is going on in a Gels. case. There was internal tremblings and pleural symptoms. The trembling was "up and down and around". Responses : Gels. is not listed under "internal trembling" in the repertory. George : Yes, it is interesting. When I described Gels. I told you about how he would be before going to court There would be internal trembling and loose bowel movements. Didn't I have that that impression for you ? Responses : Yes. George read more [...]

Homeopathic Medicine and Treatment of Cysts in the Breasts, Ear Discharge, Dust Allergy – A Case Study

(August 10, 2015) I received following email from one of my patient from Islamabad who was cured through our online treatment system. I'm sending you the details of my sister. She has been asking me for quite a time to ask you about her problems. Now she is suffering badly so I thought to ask for your kind suggestion. Since childhood she was an asthma patient. For that she took medicine at that time. No idea what kind of those were. She has  dust allergy. The main issue is of her ears. There is always swelling and fluid coming out of it. The colour of fluid is always green. It hurts a lot. She suffers high fever and pain in ears. First the ears look like full of fungus then it start discharging. She used to see homeo doctor and took medicine for two years but of no use. She got better when he did wash her ears with some soda like thing. After that she used to get relaxed for sometime. Lately, she has seen an ENT specialist but it also made no difference. The problem remained the same. She has some cysts in her breasts. She got her check up at Genum but they say these are totally harmless. But she says sometimes she feels pain in them. That's all I could remember. read more [...]

Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain), Psychotherapist & The Chief Consultant at HOMEOPATHIC Consultancy, Lahore, is highly educated, experienced, capable, rational, scholarly, writer, and blogger. Hussain Kaisrani belongs to the progeny of noble family of Taunsa Sharif. His father Allama Arshad Qaisrani (MA Arabic & Islamic Studies, Fazil Darse Nizami, Fazil Farsi) is a renowned Scholar, Khateeb, Hakeem and teacher whose students are great in number. Since his childhood, Hussain Kaisrani had started learning religion, its laws, Persian language from his father. He has done his Masters in Philosophy, Urdu Language & Literature, Political Science and Persian Language & Literature from the University of Punjab. Studied DHMS in Noor Memorial Homeopathic Medical College, Lahore (No. 163N/LR/99-2000) and is a registered Homeopathic practitioner (No. 129825) from The National Council of Homeopathy, Islamabad, Pakistan. He did his MBA (Marketing and Management) from The International University (TIU). He is working as a General Manager in a Publishing and Printing Company since 1992. Mr. Hussain went to the UK for higher education and done his MS from the University read more [...]

Autism spectrum – Homeopathy Treatment and Homeopathic Remedies

The autism spectrum, also called autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or autism spectrum conditions (ASC), with the word autistic sometimes replacing autism, is a spectrum of psychological conditions characterized by widespread abnormalities of social interactions and communication, as well as severely restricted interests and highly repetitive behavior.[1] A 2005 review estimated a prevalence of 6.0–6.5 per 1,000 for ASD. Of the various forms of ASD, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) was the vast majority, autism was at least 1.3 per 1,000, and Asperger syndrome was about 0.3 per 1,000; the atypical forms childhood disintegrative disorder and Rett syndrome were much rarer.[2] Classification of Autism spectrum   The three main forms of ASD are autism, Asperger syndrome, and PDD-NOS. Autism forms the core of the autism spectrum disorders. Asperger syndrome is closest to autism in signs and likely causes;[3] unlike autism, Asperger’s has no significant delay in language development.[4] Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) is diagnosed when the criteria are not met for a more specific disorder. Some sources also include read more [...]
About - Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani, The chief consultant and director at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore is highly educated, writer and a blogger He has done his B.Sc and then Masters in Philosophy, Urdu, Pol. Science and Persian from the University of Punjab. Studied DHMS in Noor Memorial Homeopathic College, Lahore and is a registered Homeopathic practitioner from National Council of Homeopathy, Islamabad He did his MBA (Marketing and Management) from The International University. He is working as a General Manager in a Publishing and printing company since 1992. Mr Hussain went to UK for higher education and done his MS in Strategic Management from University of Wales, UK...
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