The 10 Miasm System – Derived from Rajan Sankaran Miasm System

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  (Derived from Rajan Sankaran, System of Homeopathy & An Insight into Plants vol I) One of the most contentious of our theories, one of the most difficult concepts for practitioners to put into practice. Many homoeopaths abandon the idea of miasms as not being useful to them, or being too hard to use in practice. This also means that in order to try and understand it, the theory has been altered since Hahnemann's day. There are now several models of Miasm. Hahnemann said that attending to the Miasm was of utmost importance in curing Chronic disease. However due to the confusion over how to classify remedies, how to determine the miasm, it was not adopted by all homoeopaths. It is often one of the most difficult concepts to teach to students. I have probably found it to be the single most challenging aspect of training - and have tried many different ways to teach it. Some did not work, and some did. In fact I would say that lecturing actually helped me to come to a better understanding of it. Faced with the questions, lack of comprehension, and sometimes frank disbelief of aspiring homoeopaths, it forced me to look [...]