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  MELANOMA Question: There is a very interesting case which I wonder if we could bring up about melanoma. Answcr: This was a patient who was basically treated for a petit mal epilepsy. [gave her Nat-m. and the petit mat epilepsy went away. I didn't see her again for about live months. She came back in and said that a friend of hers had seen a mole on her skin. She went to a dermatologist and had it taken off; a biopsy revealed a melanoma. The mole had been there for a long period of time. Then they did a very wide excision of this melanoma. The petit mal epilepsy came back. What would that mean as far as direction ? George . This is what usually happens. She would be feeling better if she was taking milk. That is an interesting question to ask. In those cases that get better with milk, they have a great desire for milk. When the gravity of the disease goes to the physical body completely and that is not allowed to the skin - it is suppressed. The melanoma is not a cancer. It is a malignant ulcer which if it is operated [...]