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Carcinosinum Cancerinum: A nosode from Carcinoma Historical background The first to mention and use Carcinosin, the cancer nosode, was James Tyler Kent. He called it 'Carcinoma', and this is how he prepared the remedy: The preparation of Carcinoma which I have used, for years, was taken from a mammary cancer. The patient had continual seeping of clear, colourless, watery discharge from the open cancer. A small quantity of this fluid was saved and potentised, and has served satisfactorily, in many cases of advanced carcinoma.' He used it as a palliative in cancer cases: 'Carcinoma relieves the sharp, burnin g tearing pains. With this remedy (nosode), patients have been kept comfortable, for many year s, when cure was impossible and the cancerous development continued. The malignant process was delayed, and sufferings usually accompanying the condition were avoided (Kent, New Remedies, Lesser Writings, Clinical Cases, Aphorisms and Precepts, p. 523 f). The English homeopath James Compton Burnett and his well-known colleague J.H. Clarke were the next to do research and practice in the field of cancer nosodes. They used Scirrhinum primarily, which is said to have been taken from a hard cancer (scirrhus), and Carcinosinum (according to Clarke's account, in his book [...]