15 04, 2017

STANNUM METALLICUM (Stann.) – سٹینم میٹالیکم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  STANNUM METALLICUM (Stann.)  - سٹینم میٹالیکم   The essence of this remedy is the weakness. The patient feels weak, exhausted esp. in chest. The dyspnoea from slight motion is characteristic. The physical weakness makes him hopeless and despondent. There’s a particular affinity to respiratory system.   EXHAUSTION - RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS   MENTAL MISERABLE, DISCOURAGED, HOPELESS AND DESPONDENT from the weakness. No energy to react to external stimuli- feels like crying all the time but aggravates her. Aversion to company, misanthropy.   PHYSICAL WEAKNESS, WEARINESS, LASSITUDE, EXHAUSTION. Strong affinity to respiratory system. Deep and chronic, DYSPNOEA from slightest motion. WEAKNESS IN CHEST < talking, so weak that is impeding speech. Eyes are burning from weakness. Skin is copper colored. Sleeps on back with crossed legs (right over left). Stomach pain on coughing.   MODALITIES AGG.: motion, physical exertion, lying on side, cold. AMEL.: lying (in bed, on abdomen, on back), walking rapidly, warm bed, loosening clothing.   ----------- STANNUM (Stann.)  سٹینم – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) Respiratory affections with intense weakness. RESPIRATION: difficult respiration even from slight exertion. Even talking causes dyspnea. CHEST: weakness of the chest especially when talking, coughing or any exertion.  The weakness is such that the patient [...]

6 04, 2017

SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) – سپونجیا ٹوسٹا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) - سپونجیا ٹوسٹا   RESPIRATORY AND HEART PROBLEMS   MENTAL Weeping during heat. Frightened easily at night, startled from sleep. Fear on waking. Weeping, suicidal disposition during perspiration. Terrified anxious expression of face. Irresistible desire to sing, followed by sadness. Anxiety about the future. Tired, loathing of life. Fear of death. Despondent about loss of sexual power.   PHYSICAL DRYNESS OF MUCOUS MEMBRANES (nose, larynx, throat, mouth). Dryness of air passages "DRY AS A HORN". Awakens in a fright and with dyspnoea, AS IF BREATHING THROUGH A SPONGE. COUGH - dry, barking, rasping, whistling, "like a saw- driven through a pine board".   > eating. Heart: Combination of respiratory and heart problems. Alternating or concomitant states (dyspnoea during pain in hear, during rheumatism of heart, during palpitation). Pain in heart < lying with the head low, >lying on right side. Heat of face after motion. Throat pain <sweets. Rushing of blood to legs. Glands are easily affected, indurations.   MODALITIES AGG.: motion, cold (becoming, air, wind, weather, entering a cold place) sleep after, exertion, undressing. AMEL: warm food and drinks, loosening clothing, wet weather, lying, eating. ------------------- SPONGIA TOSTA (Spong.) سپونجیا – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani)  Respiratory and [...]

6 04, 2017

SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA (Spig.) سپائجیلیا انتھیلمیا – سپائی جیلیا – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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SPIGELIA ANTHELMIA (Spig.) سپائجیلیا انتھیلمیا - سپائی جیلیا   NEURALGIA   MENTAL FEAR OF INJECTIONS, PINS. Delusions floating in air. Restless and anxious. Easily offended. Weak memory. Buried in thought, absorbed.   PHYSICAL Affects the nerves: trifacial nerves, heart, eyes, teeth, left side. PAINS: neuralgic, burning, like hot needles, jerking, tearing, stitching, extending to other parts. HEART AFFECTIONS COMBINED WITH EYE COMPLAINTS. Violent, audible palpitations < bending chest forward. Angina pectoris < least motion, lying on left side, deep inspiration. Pain extends to back. Eye: Glaucoma, intolerable pressing pain in eyeballs <left. Sensation of enlargement. As if eye is too large for the orbit. Body sensitive to touch. Touched part feels chilly. MODALITIES AGG.: smoke and tobacco, motion, cold, walking, dry weather, cold wet weather. AMEL.: bathing- also the affected part, wet weather, lying (esp. right side), while eating, loosening the clothing. DES.: Warm drinks, alcohol. AVERS.: Coffee.

2 04, 2017


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  (George Vithoulkas describes the homeopathic remedy Bismuth, carefully distinguishing it from Arsenicum and Phosphorus.)   Bismuth is a remedy which should be thought of in cases where the focus of the problem lies in the stomach region. Severe stomach pain of whatever origin is a strong indicator for this remedy, particularly in cases of pure gastritis, and inflammation of the mucous lining of the stomach. The Bismuth patient’s face is earthy, pale, with blue rings around eyes; there is great thirst for cold drinks in the evening, nausea and pressure in stomach after eating with great drowsiness in the morning. He may experience flushes of heat over head and chest and feel prostrated. Any derangement in the health of the individual has repercussions on the stomach; thus Bismuth may be classed with the group of remedies whose common factor is a weakness in the stomach region, such as: Nat-c., Ant-c., Nux-v., Rob., Kali-c and Kreosotum The characteristics of the Bismuth gastritis are severe burning, pinching, cramping or lancinating pains with violent vomiting of enormous quantities of food. The epigastric pain usually extends to the spine. The pain is temporarily relieved by drinking cold water, but as soon as the [...]

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