Client Mrs AB, a working lady, resident of Karachi (Pakistan), contacted through Whatsapp for assistance regarding a sudden unexpected situation in psychological / emotional sphere. The real challenge was to overcome the barrier that her excruciating emotional stress had created over the past few days. The severity of problem was promptly identified and it was quite evident that if she did not get accurate medicine and support right away the phase will prolong and the effects will be detrimental for all aspects of her life. To halt the progression of this agonising phase the problem was dealt on priority basis. She was only responding with a calculated “Yes” or “No” which was not sufficient to make a definite diagnosis or to address the problem. A thoughtful technical approach and consistent efforts to reach the bottom of issue finally led her share her case in detail.

After detailed case taking, it was learnt that she came across severe emotional blow from domestic settings in last 4 -5 days which crippled her normal functioning. She tried to manage it by herself but was unable to do so and her condition kept on deteriorating until finally she reached out for help.

Following presenting complaints were noticed in emotional sphere

  1. Severe distress 4-5 days
  2. Disappointment
  3. Emotional numbness, emotional detachment, nothingness, indifference
  4. Decreased awareness of surroundings (lack of interest in kids, home, work place and routine activities)
  5. Resentment
  6. Preoccupation, absorbed mind
  7. Aversion to conversation
  8. Loss of will power
  9. Fear of not being normal again
  10. Feeling of being a failure, incompetent, incapable at work place and home

According to her

Those were the worst days of my life



  1. Social dysfunction / Antisocial Behaviour (she was unable to attend important gathering owing to her devastated emotional state, was shutting out everybody and was totally unable to cope with any kind of social interactions. She was avoiding her immediate family, siblings and friends)
  2. Inability to drive properly and with command (escaped an accident with a narrow margin, felt absent-minded and shaky during driving so had to give up on driving for a while)
  3. Sleeplessness and Nightmares about the traumatic event for many consecutive night



  • Loss of appetite
  • Ear discharge during driving


The patient was not able to explain her situation. Also there was some privacy issue so she was avoiding to share the problem she faced. In that state of mind, homeopathic remedy IGNATIA AMARA is first and safe choice for homeopathic doctors. After an hour of taking single dose of Ignatia Amara, she got better and shared her problem and symptoms a bit. After few hours she totally gone into previous state. A proper case taking was not possible as she was not willing to talk to anyone.

I decided to go for Constitutional Prescribing. When the acute symptoms are well-defined and clearly match a particular homeopathic medicine, one may be prescribed, resulting in partial or complete recovery, often rapidly. Infrequently, such a prescription will interfere with the action of the constitutional remedy. Constitutional homeopathy refers to the treatment of a person as a whole, including past and present symptoms. When accurately implemented, homeopathic constitutional care can elicit a profound healing response. Homeopathy can be extremely effective in treating chronic and long-term health problems.

Mrs AB already got treatment for her fears and phobias, strong desire for salt, cold drinks and ice cream (sweet and cold), fear of thunderstorm and rain, oversensitiveness. PHOSPHORUS was selected as her constitutional homeopathic medicine. One dose of Phosphorus addressed almost all of issues and she became a fear free and balance personality. Considering PHOSPHORUS her constitutional remedy, a single dose of Phosphorus was prescribed.

After medication, multiple sessions of counselling and monitoring the progress another detailed interview was done again and this time it was quite evident from her voice that she is back to normal. Following striking changes were noted during follow up in different spheres but most important of them was reprogramming of thinking and surprisingly positive attitude towards everything.



She stated that

I started feeling better gradually after my treatment (almost a week) and then one day I found myself completely fine. Admist my personal and emotional problems I was having some trouble at my work place too. Another stressor was that I was suddenly promoted to higher and demanding position, which put a lot of burden on my nerves. Given my emotional state, initially I was unable to cope with it, felt myself incapable of taking this responsibility (pinching by fellow colleagues and work place politics were going on side by side). It remained like this for few days, but once I started feeling better I actually felt myself competent, capable and ready to deal with this new challenge. It actually gave a sense of accomplishment. I took an exam successfully. I also had to travel out of city to invigilate an exam. I drove to that place comfortably because I resumed my driving very confidently all over again. I had to face some conflict at that place with a senior person but that did not bother me and I tackled the problem very confidently and professionally. I took a remarkable stance and stood my ground despite the fact that I was about to receive an explanation letter. Nothing made me panicky.

All the fears, Phobias, anxiety, disappointment were gone. I felt stronger than ever. My appetite was restored. Nightmares totally settled. I resumed my social activities, went out with friends and enjoyed myself. I feel completely fine and stable now.

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I am feeling very positive change in my thoughts and behavior. I have been facing tough time for last three to four days but I managed it well. Thoughts are totally positive and ready to explore new horizon. Sadness, fear and disappointment are forgone. I’m dealing things quite confidently and courageously. Feeling strong more than ever. Facing a worse situation in my institute and about to receive an explanation letter for that. But peace of mind is something worth sharing… I’m not at all panic or tensed upon anything. I am just dealing it like a professional should. So…. Credit goes to you 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Who helped me to rehab once again.
Thanks a lot!