[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Does your child sleep with his mouth open?

Does he snore at night?

Is he not gaining any weight?

Does he frequently fall ill with a cold and cough?

Is he restless when he falls asleep?

He could be suffering from adenoids!

Most of the children who come to us are those who have been advised surgical removal of the adenoids. We have been able to help almost all the children who have come to us avoid surgery and also relieve them from the recurring cold and cough .We have been able to help them sleep better at nights. Adenoids can be successfully treated with Homeopathy.

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Does your child snore a lot at night? The snoring is so loud that it can be heard in the next room, the entire apartment. A lot of people complain that there is a lot of sound coming from the room. Is your child restless at night, so restless that he is tossing and turning, his head is on the right side, then it is on the other side, suddenly you find his head on your tummy?

What he is trying to do is, he is trying to find a place to breath. Is he getting cold, cough, fever, and falling sick very frequently, where you have to constantly go to the doctor? Have you noticed that he is not hearing things properly? You call him out and he is not responding. In extreme cases you also find the child having a little bit of swelling in the lower jaw, the lower jaw kind of protrudes out a little.

If your child has these symptoms, that means he has got adenoids. (hypertrophy)

How common are adenoids?
A lot of people suffer from adenoids (enlargement). It is more commonly seen in kids.

What are adenoids?
Adenoids are nothing but a growth that is behind the nose and tonsils.

As it increases in size it reduces the passage of air, so when you breathe through a narrow passage, you tend to snore. That is exactly what your child is doing and when he is sleeping he is not getting enough breath so he tries to move from here to there to find a comfortable place to breath.

Let me also tell you that adenoids and tonsils are there for a purpose, they are basically the policemen who guard against infections. Any bacteria or virus that enters through the nose into the body is first caught by the adenoids and tonsils and they are destroyed. They are the defense mechanism of the body.

Why it happens, what is the process behind it? Let us not get into all that. What is important is your child has got adenoids. Let us see what we can do about it?

Allopathic approach:
Usually, in an acute stage, they give you antibiotics and they put you on a nasal spray. As long as you are on these medications your symptoms are better, snoring is less. But the moment you stop it, snoring is back, so you start medicines again and once you stop them it is back to square one.

You eventually get fed up, the doctor gets fed up and says let’s go for surgery. You go ahead and get tonsils and adenoids removed, the child is okay for a few months but after some time, he is back to square one.

Most likely the chances are, he is going to fall sick more frequently because you removed the guard. He may not end up with a throat infection but he might get a lung infection.

Few years ago there used to be a lot of surgeries done for adenoids and tonsils but nowadays the doctors prefer not to do it because they do not want to take away the guard which protects against infections.

Homeopathic approach?
We aim to non-surgically reduce the size of the adenoids. Once you start our medications, over a period of time the size of adenoids will shrink. How do you know that size is shrinking? In about a few weeks or months of homeopathic treatment, your child will snore less, sleep peacefully without turning and tossing in the bed, and will not fall sick frequently. That means the medicines are working. We are not only reducing the size of adenoids, but we are also improving the immunity of the child so that the child does not fall sick frequently.

It might take a lot of time for the size to come down. Keep going as long as your child is better, around six to eight months and after some time once the child is better, you can stop the treatment. As he grows up adenoids and tonsils will automatically fall into place, you will not have a problem and you do not have to worry about them.

The doctor might scare you by saying that if you do not get the surgery done, your child’s growth will stop, he will not hear properly. All of this will not happen.

You think people in the rural areas, which is about 70% of World, will get their child checked up for adenoids, or even if they know that they got adenoids, do you think they will get it surgically removed? The rural population is the most healthy population in the country. The problem is, the more you know about it, the more you get worried. Adenoids are nothing to be worried about, do not get scared. We can take care of adenoids with homeopathic medications.

People who are already on allopathic medication:
We make them stop their allopathic medication and we ask them to take Homeopathy for three months. In some cases where the adenoids are chronic, we start homeopathic medicines along with allopathic nasal sprays, and over a period of time, we taper off the allopathic medicines. Most people respond in about two to three months, some people take a longer time to respond.

What happens if you leave it alone?
Snoring becomes even louder, the child does not get enough sleep at night and has less oxygenation to the body. He becomes restless, cranky, and falls sick very frequently.

Diet restrictions:
No particular diet restrictions but if the child has frequent cold and cough, avoid icy cold things.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Avoid exposing the child to extreme temperatures.

In homeopathic treatment we also give a liquid for steaming which contains medicines, when you do the steaming, it goes to the adenoids and helps in reducing the size of adenoids. The medicine gets absorbed when you inhale, these fumes help in a faster reduction in the size of adenoids.

You can be in touch with me whenever the child is sick, don’t keep giving an allopathic medication whenever is falling sick, try to stick to homeopathy so that we are not compromising the immunity. The moment the child stops falling sick frequently he will automatically get better.

What would I do if I were in your place?
I would for sure not start antibiotics or go for surgery. I know that I am not risking anything by giving Homeopathy around 3 to 6 months to try and get rid of adenoids.

We have been able to help a lot of people with adenoids. Adenoids do take time people, you need to understand that the size has to shrink, so be a little patient. If these medicines can help you get rid of snoring, adenoids (enlargement) and avoid surgery for the rest of your life, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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