CALCAREA CARBONICA (Calc.) – کلکیریا کاربونیکا – کلکیریا کارب – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


CALCAREA CARBONICA (Calc.) – کلکیریا کاربونیکا – کلکیریا کارب


Calcarea Carbonica is such a huge remedy with vast symptomatology. The practitioner should not get lost in the vast array of symptoms but should look for these main keynotes of the remedy. The Calcarea patient has numerous fears with a prevailing fear of insanity. There is a general aggravation from cold and wet weather. The patient has cold feet that may have a slight clammy sweat. A tendency to be overweight, perspiration during sleep around the neck, desire for sweets and soft-boiled eggs and vertigo in high places. A Calcarea Carbonica case should have at least some of these keynotes.  





MANY FEARS: HIGH PLACES, INSANITY, dogs, rats, death, disease, dark, ghosts, thunderstorms, accidents.



Sensitive when hearing cruelties.

Religious affections in children. The child inquires about God, about the beyond etc.



CHILLY, sensitive to cold (lack of vital heat).

Cold extremities, esp. FEET (usually sleeps with socks or hot water bottle).

Profuse PERSPIRATION DURING SLEEP esp. on the CERVICAL REGION, chest and scalp.

Worse from exertion in general esp. the headache. Out of breath (difficult, panting respiration) from ascending.

OBESITY that produces flabbiness.


Pains and swelling of the mammae before menses.

Slow, difficult dentition in children. Convulsions during dentition. Distended, enlarged abdomen in children. 



DES.: SWEETS, EGGS (ESP. SOFT BOILED), milk, strange things (i.e. coal, indigestible), farinaceous food.

AVERS.: milk.

AGG.: exertion, cold, cold wet weather, draft of air.

AMEL.: warm dry weather, rising.

CALCAREA CARBONICA (Calc.) Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) کلکیریا کاربونیکا


All kinds of conditions where the patient is chilly with cold feet and perspires in the occiput.  

KEYWORDS: cold feet, occipital perspiration, weakness, aggravation from cold and wet, ameliorated by warmth.

RESPIRATION: all kinds of respiratory conditions accompanied by perspiration in cervical region and chest (esp. during sleep) and coldness (esp. of feet). Cough dry in the evening and loose in the morning. Aggravated from drafts, cold (air, becoming), damp, left side, right upper lobe of lung.

EAR: otitis accompanied by perspiration of the cervical region. Thick, purulent discharges. Impaired hearing due to otitis. Itching in Eustachian tube. Threatening caries. Ear pain aggravated from cold, blowing the nose, swallowing and ameliorated by warm applications.

CHEST: mastitis with painful, swollen and hot mammae aggravated by touch, while nursing. Ulceration of nipples. Bad quality of milk. Toothache or headache after nursing.

Oppression, constriction and weakness in chest during respiratory conditions. Pain in chest aggravated on motion. Weakness is such that prevents speech. Congestion of chest.

TEETH: toothpain from exposure to damp or to air drafts. Aggravation when drawing air in, cold drinks or applications ameliorated by warm drinks or applications. Ailments from eruption of wisdom teeth.

GASTROINTESTINAL: diarrhoea related to exposure to cold. (from cold weather, from taking a cold, after bathing). Diarrhoea during dentition accompanied by perspiration in occiput (esp. during sleep).

THROAT: tonsillitis and sore throat after exposure to cold. Suppurative tonsillitis with swelling of tonsils & glands and perspiration in occiput (esp. during sleep). Tongue swollen, indented and white. Dark red uvula. Stitching pain extending to ears. Aggravated from cold (air, drinks, becoming), swallowing and ameliorated from warm drinks.

INFLUENZA/FEVER: typically, the patient is cold with cold feet and perspires in the occiput and chest (esp. during sleep). There may be congestion of face and heat of head along with the cold feet. There is weakness and heaviness of head, eyelids and limbs (upper and lower). Chills on theafternoon. Occipital headache extending to forehead. Purulent coryza and obstruction of nose. Aggravated by: cold air, drafts, ameliorated by warmth.

MUSCULOSKELETAL:  sprains and strains from lifting. Ameliorated by warm applications and aggravated by cold and damp.

VERTIGO: vertigo with headache, with tendency to fall sideways. Sensation as if turning in a circle or as if the room whirls. Aggravation by sudden motion, turning head quickly, ascending stairs, standing, after walking, rest, rising, looking upwards, after sleep.



Aggravation: cold, cold wet weather.

Amelioration: warmth, warm applications. 



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