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May 2017

A Solved Case of Death Phobia, Fear of Heart Attack, Severe Depression, Stomach Disorder and Anxiety about Health – Homeopathic Treatment (Hussain Kaisrani)

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Dear Dr Hussain Kaisrani, AOA! As explained on phone, nowadays the only issue is my health issue. Feeling of left side chest pain, I have had multiple visits to emergencies in Pakistan and UK due to this chest pain because sometimes I feel sharp and heavy pain like attack. I had almost all major tests, nothing comes up in the test, I am having bad dreams, phobias of death and heart attack and before sleep, and I am having tough time to sleep due to phobias - having bad dreams and off and on. I am up and shouting one or two times at night, almost every night. Doctors are saying I do not have stomach issue, but still whenever I try spices or too sweet things, then extreme layer of pain of coming up to left side chest, I am feeling shortage of breath and feeling as if I am having my last moments. Other point wise details are below. Please feel free to text me on WhatsApp if I am missing anything.   Skin Issues: Bit dry skin but I am not worrying about dry skin or anything related to skin issues. Hair fall: I am using Clear [...]

A Case of Young Medical Doctor: Severe Anxiety, Depression, Emotional imbalance, Cognitive Behavioral Disorder, Sleeplessness, Chronic Insomnia, Stomach Disorder, Skin Eruption and Hair Fall – Homeopathic Treatment and Homeopathic Remedies (Hussain Kaisrani)

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  Dr F. A., a young medical doctor of age 25, from Rawalpindi, Pakistan contacted on April 19, 2017 to discuss her case on phone. She provided further details through email. The detail of her symptoms is being reproduced below along with her feedback and updates. We will keep updating the case and its follow up details here. Wise people say, "the first step of solving a problem is admitting that there is one". It took me a really long time that I am NOT fine and i need help. I have never been normal. During different phases of my childhood and adolescence, I had different fears and phobias Fear of death Fear of choking under the grave Fear of losing parents Fear of missing my school bus everyday But I never told anyone about anything. When I was in matric, i had a really bad breakdown knowing that I will have to leave my school and my friends (Everybody interpreted it as exam stress). I ended up at a psychiatrist clinic for the first time at the age of 14 years!! He prescribed me medicines. I topped my school in matric got admission on scholarship in college. College was [...]

November 2016

Homeopathy medicines and treatment for dengue and malaria fever

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Not all fevers are dengue or malaria infections. But in this ongoing dengue season, you should seek immediate medical advice from a qualified medical practitioner or hospital for any change in your body temperature. Following information is NOT a replacement for expert medical advice.   Prevention (In principle, there is no concept of Prevention Medicines in homeopathy yet clinical experience supports it in some cases. Hussain Kaisrani) Malaria Officinalis 30c can be used as a preventive measure against dengue and malaria fever: One dose in the morning and one in the evening for two days. Repeat after 1 week for 3 weeks.   Treatment (1) If fever starts with vomiting: Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours. Ferrum Phos 30x, Natrum Sulph 30x: Take both these medicines alternatively every 4 hours. These will take care of fever (and skin rashes if any.) (2) If fever is accompanied by extreme pain in the body: Ipcac 30c – One dose only in the beginning. This will take care of vomiting in couple of hours. Eupatorium perfoliatum 30c – 4 doses with 4 hour interval. This will take care of the [...]

September 2016

Homeopathic Treatment of an Underdeveloped Breast

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Dr. Parinita Srivastava presents a case of an undeveloped breast in an eleven year old girl. Overview A girl aged 11 years came to me with her mother on 28th March 2015 with the complaint of one underdeveloped breast. Her right breast was completely flat and the left one was developing and measured 2 inches from base to nipple. She did not have any other complaint. Constitution of the patient Physical make-up – She is a tall, fair complexioned, thin girl. Thermals – Affected by extremes of temperature, more towards hot. Thirst – Not much thirst. Saliva dribbles from corner of the mouth during sleep. Perspiration – Scanty Stool – Normal Urine – Normal Menstruation – Has not started Food desire – Likes spicy food Mental make-up She is a shy girl. All the questions were answered by her mother during case taking. Her mother said that the girl cries very often at small issues but lifts up her mood easily. The girl is quite adamant, soft-spoken, introverted, good in studies. She feels suffocated in a closed room and wishes for open windows but covers herself with a blanket during sleep (because of her shy nature). Family history Mother is healthy Father [...]

Observing the patient after prescribing the homeopathic Remedy (Hussain Kaisrani)

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After prescribing the remedy, the physician shall very carefully observe his patient in every respect; his general condition, aggravations and amelioration of symptoms, any change in the symptoms or in the patient himself, etc. The Observations After giving the medicine to the patient if the physician's observation is a prolonged aggravation and final decline of the patient, the case is incurable. The second observation is, the long aggravation, but final and slow improvement. It is a hopeful case with prolonged repetition of the same remedy at longer intervals. For many years you may go along with prolonged aggravations followed by amelioration untill an outward manifestation appears whereby the patient will attain final recovery. The third observation after administering the remedy is, quick aggravation, short and strong with rapid improvement of the patient. Whenever you find an aggravation comes quickly, is short, and has been more or less vigorous, then you will find improvement of the patient will be long, the structural changes many appear in the surface organ, and with the passage of time the surface organs regain their natural structure after they have dragged out all that was destroying internal organs. The fourth observation relates to cases in which we have no [...]

August 2016

علامات اور امراض جو کینسر کا پیش خیمہ ہو سکتے ہیں

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کچھ عرصہ اُدھر کی بات ہے کہ ایک تحریر میں Pre-cancer stage کا ذکر ہوا تھا۔ اُسی تناظر میں چند قارئین نے پوچھا ہے کہ Pre-cancer stage کا پتہ کیسے چل سکتا ہے؟ اگرچہ حتمی طور پر یہ کہنا تو مشکل ہے کہ کیا خاص نشانیاں یا علامات کینسر کا پیش خیمہ ہیں تاہم ایک ہومیوپیتھک ڈاکٹر کافی حد تک صحیح اندازہ لگا سکتا ہے۔ بے جا نہ ہوگا کہ اگر میں پہلے ہومیوپیتھک اور ایلوپیتھک تشخیص اور طریقۂ علاج میں ایک اہم ترین فرق نمایاں کر دوں۔ ایلوپیتھک طریقۂ علاج کا ماڈل ایسا ہے یا کم از کم اب ایسا بنا دیا گیا ہے کہ مرض کی تشخیص کے لئے ڈاکٹرز کا زیادہ تر انحصار لیبارٹری رپورٹس پر ہی ہوتا ہے۔ اِس لئے اُس نظام میں کسی مرض کا باقاعدہ علاج اُسی وقت ہی شروع ہو سکتا ہے کہ جب وہ مرض عملاً اپنی جگہ بنا لے یعنی لیبارٹری رپورٹس میں اُس کی موجودگی پائی جائے۔ یہی وجہ ہے ایلوپیتھک نظام میں Pre-cancer stage کی تشخیص اور پھر اُس کا علاج کر کے مرض کو روک لینے یا واپس کر سکنے پر زیادہ غور عملاً نہیں ہوتا۔ اِس کے برعکس ہومیوپیتھک نظام میں چونکہ نہ صرف ہر چھوٹی سے [...]

Homeopathic Treatment for involuntary Urination in old age

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Mr JA - age 56 - contacted us in December 2015. He was feeling pale and highly disturbed. His confidence level was shaken and it was difficult for him to explain his case. His birth, childhood and teen age life was normal, healthy and fit At the age of 22 he remained hospitalized and too much medication was used After two months hospitalization it was diagnosed that he had Typhoid but it was disturbed a lot. He got bit better after long treatment but caught by TB. TB course was done and he gradually became healthy.  He had no family history of Asthma, Cancer, Hearth and Sugar issue. Two weeks ago he got his sugar checked and it was above 200 Fasting. He started taking basic (allopathic) medicine for it. His thirst and hunger is normal. In general he avoids to take medicines. He has normal body - meaning neither bulky nor overweight. His sleep and over all health / life is normal. His main and recent issues About a year ago he felt that all of sudden he lost interest in physical relations. Gradually, he found that there is almost no energy left in him. He used to have urine uncontrolled drops in [...]

Homeopathic Treatment for Pollen Allergy, flu, sneezing, nose running and blockage

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Mr BK Khan age 27 from Lahore visited for his treatment. He was reffered by one of my old patient who faced same kind of problem for years. The summary of Mr BK Khan case is being reproduced below.  Early Morning whenever gets up or travels to some other city, he starts feeling too much Itching / irritation in the nose. Other than this Too much Sneezing Nose watery and he needs too many tissue to use every hour One nose remains closed - no fix side - in general Pressure on eyes Hunger increase with the increase in above mentioned problem Laziness feeling when problem starts Eyesight is getting weaker Change of every weather affects a lot Before starting the problem and using anti allergy tablets, the cold weather was the main reason behind the problem Problem started more than 3 years ago when he was on a visit of UK He visited few specialists but the problem was not controlled. He was told that it is allergy issue and not possible to get cured He has been treating the problem by himself by taking Anti Allergy tablets since last one year or so He is a smoker since 3 years Family History: Same problem with his sister who lives [...]

A Solved Case of severe Constipation and Hemorrhoids / Piles / varicose veins / بواسیر کا کامیاب کیس – ہومیوپیتھک علاج – Hussain Kaisrani

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A lady age 30 years working as a programmer in an IT department of multinational company wanted to get homeopathic treatment of her piles problem شدید قبض اور بواسیر کا ہومیوپیتھک علاج . She sent her case through email and her medicines were dispatched as she was not comfortable to visit and discuss her case personally. Following is the summary of her case received by email. Her childhood and young age remained healthy. Had constipation and hard stool problem since 5 years or so Six months ago she noticed blood with stool Gradually blood with pain and itching started Since last 4 months she is having بواسیر شدید درد اور جلن  Piles, severe pain / itching on anus Feels pain in knee joints specifically when it is bent Pain in heals - feels it will be broken if touches on ground Stomach problem - gastric if eaten something different Likes to have spicy - Mirch Masala - foods but can not take anymore Due to illness and then deaths in the family, she remained in tension and mentally disturbed during last 6 months but feels normal now. Overall an active person Period / Menses / cycles fully normal Doing IT based job [...]

July 2016

Homeopathic Treatment of Ganglion Cyst on Wrist – A Case of Causticum

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A ganglion cyst is a benign (not cancerous) swelling or growth or tumor. It is also named as a Bible Cyst. Usually these occur in women of age 20 to 40 years age. Ganglion cysts rarely occurs in children younger than ten years age. These are most common lumps or mass in the hands. Generally, they occur on back of the hand but can also develop on the palm side of wrist or at the joint of the wrist. When growth in on the back side of wrist then it is more prominent and looks awkward. Inside the cyst is a clear, colourless, sticky, thick, sticky, jellylike material. Cysts may feel spongy or firm but it depends on its size. The cause and reason of ganglion cyst is unknown. There are few theories which provide the details of its growth. Most ganglion are not painful but some degree of pain is witnessed when it is pressed. Otherwise these are without any symptom except the appearance issue. A Case Treated by Homeopathic Remedy Causticum A lady - age 34 years - was having a Ganglion Cyst on back of her Wrist. In the start it was small and not painful either. [...]

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