Coccyx Pain

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Coccyx Pain:
We get a lot of people who have just been diagnosed with coccyx pain or who have been taking allopathic medications for coccyx pain, coming to us asking if we can help them.

How common is Coccyx pain:
A lot of people suffer from coccyx pain. It is 5 times more frequently seen in women than in men.

What is coccyx pain?
Coccyx is the lower back, the last part, the tip of your spine. When that starts to pain, it is diagnosed as coccyx pain. You have problems sitting on hard surfaces, you sit on a hard surface and due to pain you have to get up. Sometimes even when you sit on cushioned surfaces, it causes pain and it can be pretty excruciating. The pain usually goes away and it does not trouble you all the time. It troubles you only when you sit but how long can you not sit? Some people carry a tube with them all the time, they put the tube down and then sit on it.

Allopathic approach:
You go to the doctor, he will put you on painkillers, it will help as long as you are on painkillers and the pain starts again once you stop them. And if it does not help, he will give you a steroid shot that will also help you for a while but again it is back to square one.

They advise physiotherapy, back strengthening exercises. There is no solution to this in allopathy. Some people get better but in most people, it does not help. They start living their life, they get used to the pain but there is always an uncomfortable sensation in the lower back.

Homeopathic approach:
We get a lot of people because they do not get relief anywhere else. Homeopathy helps them tremendously. We have been able to get rid of coccyx pain in a lot of people. Once they start the medications within a few weeks, they start feeling better. They get rid of their tube and the pain, discomfort comes down. Over a period of time the pain completely disappears, but we do not stop the medicines yet because we do not want the pain to return.

It is an inflammation that causes the problem. It could be due to an injury, a birth defect, sometimes the postures but whatever be the reason, we continue the medications for a few months to strengthen the muscles, ligaments, and joints around the coccyx.

People who are already on allopathic medication:
We make them stop their allopathic medication and ask them to take Homeopathy for three months. In some cases where the coccyx pain is chronic, we start homeopathic medicines along with allopathy, and over a period of time, we taper off their allopathic medicines.

What happens if you don’t treat coccyx pain?
(If left alone, the coccyx pain will increase. The pain and discomfort increases day by day, it goes to a point where you find it difficult to sit on any kind of surface.)

Diet restrictions:
There are no diet restrictions.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Along with homeopathic medications, you can go for physiotherapy, ayurvedic massages.

Avoid sitting on hard surfaces for some time.

What would I do if I were in your place?
I would for sure not start pain killers or steroids. I know that I am not risking anything by giving Homeopathy around 3 to 6 months to try and get rid of coccyx pain.

Do not start on any allopathic medications until you have given Homeopathy a try for at least about three to six months. Trust me, coccyx pain is a very simple problem and nothing is going to happen to you in these three to six months’ time. But if these medicines can help you get rid of coccyx pain for the rest of your life, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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