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Who does not have dandruff? Most of us go through dandruff at some point or the other. We get a lot of people who suffer from dandruff for months or years together, asking if we can help.

How common is dandruff:
Around 50% of people suffer from dandruff.

What is dandruff?
Dandruff is nothing but white, powdery flakes which fall from our scalp. You wear a black shirt, you find white powdery flakes on the shoulders, you shake your head you get a lot of dandruff.

You see so many advertisements talking about dandruff. Dandruff is nothing but dryness of the scalp. Simple dandruff is nothing to worry about, it’s just that it is very awkward to go around with dandruff. It is awkward when people suddenly dust off your shoulders, or they point it out to you. It’s very embarrassing.

You need to identify simple dandruff from psoriasis. Scalp psoriasis can also cause a lot of powdery flakes on the scalp. Most of the time, dandruff responds to anti-dandruff shampoo, but if it does not go away for months or years together, then you need to consult a doctor and figure out if it is simple dandruff or scalp psoriasis.

Allopathic approach:
In allopathy, they start you on anti-fungal shampoos or anti-fungal lotions, as long as you use the shampoo your dandruff is controlled, but once you stop them you are back to square one. There is no permanent solution for this in allopathy.

Homeopathic approach:
Homeopathy believes that dandruff happens because of the dryness of the scalp. Scalp dryness happens because something is wrong in the body. The medicines that we give essentially take care of what is wrong in the body and reduces the dryness of the scalp and that in turn takes care of dandruff.

At the same time, we also give a similar kind of medication from outside to soothe the scalp. Most cases of dandruff respond within a couple of months.

If it does not respond for more than three to four months then we need to think of scalp psoriasis. The treatment for scalp psoriasis is totally different but simple dandruff is something that can completely be taken care of with homeopathic medication.

People who are already on allopathic shampoos or lotions:
We make them stop their external applications and ask them to take Homeopathy for two to three months. Most of the people respond within two to three months, some people take a longer time to respond.

What happens if you don’t treat dandruff?
If left alone, your dandruff keeps increasing. It might cause itching in the scalp.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Maintain hygiene, try and take a head bath every day, use a mild shampoo like Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

Don’t use very strong shampoos.

What would I do if I were in your place?
I would for sure not start any anti-dandruff shampoos for dandruff. I know that I am not risking anything by giving Homeopathy around 3 to 6 months to try and get rid of dandruff permanently.

Do not start on any allopathic shampoos and lotions until you have given Homeopathy a try for at least about three to six months. Trust me, nothing is going to happen to you in these three to six months’ time. But if these medicines can help you get rid of your dandruff permanently, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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