[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Do you feel pain all over your body ?

Do your muscles ache all over and do you frequently feel exhausted and unrefreshed even after a sleep?

Do you have these points in your body where slight pressure causes severe pain?

Even after numerous tests has no diagnosis has ever been confirmed.

There are millions of people suffering from fibromyalgia and unfortunately allopathy has no solution for this. But homeopathy has been able to help numerous patient over come the agony due to fibromyalgia and we are continuing to give relief to numerous patients. We have been able to help most of our patients get rid of their agonizing pain and also help them sleep better.
You are obviously listening to me talk about fibromyalgia because you have been diagnosed with it. You are somebody who has been having unexplained pain for years together. We get a lot of patients with fibromyalgia, coming to us asking if we can help them.

How common is fibromyalgia?
Fibromyalgia affects nearly 1 in 20 people globally and is more common in women than men. In World, around 2% of the population suffers from fibromyalgia.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia:
You have pain in every part of the body, neck, shoulders, hands, back, legs, and heaviness of the head. You feel tired and sleepy all the time. You do not feel good and the quality of life comes down. You are in pain all the time, there is not a single moment of life without pain and when somebody goes through so much pain every day, their state of mind also changes. You feel low, depressed, gloomy, moody, irritable, you feel like crying, you are just not yourself. You wake up in the morning and do not feel fresh. The first moment in the morning is very painful, that itself causes depression.

You feel like what is this, it is not worth living, if I am like this today what will happen to me after a year or when I get old? How long can I carry on like this?

Everybody around you says that it is your state of mind, you should sleep well, be positive and do exercises. But how can you exercise with so much pain? You are hardly able to stand or do anything in life.

Allopathic approach:
You go from one doctor to the other, they give you many kinds of painkillers, steroids but nothing helps. You do all sorts of investigations but nothing is wrong with you.

Initially, you think there are no good doctor’s around you, so you go from one doctor to another, one city to the other, one country to the other and finally you get diagnosed with fibromyalgia. You are happy that you finally got yourself diagnosed. You go onto the search engines and see what fibromyalgia is all about and you get disappointed once you get to know that there is no treatment in allopathy.

In my 30 years of practice and after treating so many patients with fibromyalgia, I have understood that the diagnosis of fibromyalgia itself is a very big challenge, and if the doctor is not able to find any cause behind your pain, not able to help you with any kind of medications then he diagnosis it as fibromyalgia. They put you on that there so many drugs which do not really help but they do have side effects. Pop in a painkiller when the pain is really bad but once it is manageable try alternative systems of medicine like homeopathy.

Homeopathic approach:
We get a lot of people with fibromyalgia because there is no treatment for fibromyalgia in allopathy. We believe that fibromyalgia is a hypersensitivity of the body to pain that means you experience more pain than normal people. This happens because something is wrong within the body.There are some specific medicines for fibromyalgia and we have been able to get tremendous results for a lot of people with fibromyalgia. I am not saying that you will feel better immediately, but once you start on the medicines, within about a month or two, they start responding to treatment, they come back and say we have been able to sleep better.

This is an important thing, the moment you are able to sleep better, the pains also come down. We give medicines that helps to relax the mind, sleep well and the pain, the dependability on painkillers and other allopathic medication slowly come down.

Once you start to feel a little better. We advise you to start doing some kind of physical exercise. Either go for a walk, yoga, pranayama. These things do help.

People who are already on allopathic medications:
We ask them to stop their allopathic medications and start homeopathy. For people who have been taking painkillers for a long time, we start homeopathy along with allopathic medicines and we gradually taper off the allopathic medications.

What happens if it is left alone?
(If left alone, the pain becomes chronic, you feel low, depressed, and tired all the time. You have headaches, a lot of weakness and it can limit your physical activities.)

Diet restrictions:
There are no diet restrictions.

Do’s and Don’ts:
Yoga and pranayama is something that I very strongly advocate and we have been able to help a lot of people with homeopathic medicines along with yoga, pranayama, and meditation.

Try to keep yourself cheerful and happy because when you are stressed or mentally and emotionally low, fibromyalgia flares up again.

What would I do if I was in your place?
I would accept what I have, I would go through everything and see what fibromyalgia is, I will also see that it does not cause any life-threatening disease or incapacitate me. I will understand that maybe I will have pain for the rest of my life but I can live with it, I can control the pain and there is always a way out.

I will schedule my lifestyle according to my fibromyalgia pains and aches. I will be a lot more active than what I am today, I would do yoga, pranayama. I will not let this pain incapacitate me, I will fight the pain, and I will do everything that I can physically although I am in pain because that is the only way to break fibromyalgia.

Push yourself. Nothing is going to happen to you. Trust me when I say this, a person with fibromyalgia can do whatever he wants, if he can push himself, it is the fear of the pain that stops you from doing it. The more you are active, the more you work your muscles, the lesser you will feel the pain. So try and be as active as possible.

Do not start on any painkillers or steroids until you have given Homeopathy a try for at least about three to six months. Trust me, nothing is going to happen to you in these three to six months’ time. But if these medicines can help you manage your pain and avoid painkillers for the rest of your life, isn’t it worth giving it a try?

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