I am 33 years old male. Since last 6-7 years, I had been suffering from fistula. It started because being a student I was living in hostel and eating from outside restaurants was routine from many years. After diagnoses, I was told about surgical option by surgeons and they told that success chances are 60-70 percent and if do not recovered then multiple surgical operations may be needed. Meanwhile my symptoms became so worst that fistula had developed branches, which started to disturb other organs, my backbone started to become stiff while sleeping and I started to suffer restless sleeps. My heels were always painful and it became impossible for me to walk briskly or run. As antibiotics were not effective, and I was taking them off and on for a years, I decided to go for homeopathic medicine. I tried and switched few homeopathic doctors but their medicine ware not effective because I could not avoid eating from outside and couple of years passed. Then I did my own research on internet and found some medicine, which could support me. I also managed to make food at home by myself and with a course of homeopathic medicine for more than one year, I was recovered, but this recovery was just because I did a lot of diet control. I stopped eating eggs, meat (all kind) and fried items because they used to reverse all recovery in few days. 6-7 years passed in this way but problem was lingering on. I was managing my disease with medicine and food control.

To be specific now I had two main issues, one was fistula and the other was stiffness of backbone during sleep.

In 2019, a relative suggested me to try a doctor because problem was not properly solved. She referred me to Dr. Hussain Kaisrani. Initially I thought he will also be just a regular doctor. I had a low level of trust. However, I visited him because recommendation was very strong. In first meeting, I told him all my conditions. He listened all very carefully. I started his medicine and by miracle, his medicine just cured me in a course of one and a half month.

Here I cannot move forward without mentioning that Dr. Kaisrani uses very simple medicine consisting of single or couple of tablets to be taken taken twice a day. With this minimum amount of medicine he has ability to cure your disease in a shortest period because he would use result oriented medication. Actually he take his patient as a person and based on historic issues he treat the person emotionally and physically and the problems like fistula which are actually manifestation of our sufferings are solved resultantly.

Coming back to the point, in last two months, to be sure of recovery, I did eat some extra fried items, meat, eggs and etc. that I was not eating since last many years to manage the disease but lo and behold! I am no more sick! Thanks to Allah Almighty and Merciful Who bestowed me recovery from a years long ailment through the capable hands of Dr. Kaisrani. Now he is my personal Doctor for everything. I trust him. Thank You Dr. Hussain Kaisrani! For me you are “Hakeem Luqman” of this time.


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