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Homeopathic medicines for Emergency, Injury and Accidents – Causation overrules symptomatology – Hussain Kaisrani

Homeopathy is a complete form of treatment and it has remedies for all possible ailments known to mankind, which is a feat in itself.
Taking up an old and chronic case by a homeopath is a time consuming process which involves much expertise and extensive training, for it involves acquiring many details from the patient that are then used to reach the correct remedy. 
A chronic case that is not given the right amount of time or management or administering remedies without the consent of your homeopathic doctor, could result in further damage to the health of a patient. 
But when dealing with acute illnesses, it is essential to follow the core concept of homeopathy, CAUSATION (ETIOLOGY) OVERRULES SYMPTOMATOLOGY, this rule if not properly understood and followed through to treat the patient could cause immense amount of unnecessary pain and suffering. 
Keeping this golden rule in mind we are sharing the picture of some remedies often prescribed during acute ailments, here on our web page ( and on our group (All About Homeopathy) as a resource for all as a humanitarian endeavor. 
More than usual hard work that exceeds daily routine limits causing pains or increasing any existing pains, resort to ARNICA 30 and administer 3-4 times daily to see a visible difference. 
As the pain intensity decreases, lessen the dose until there is no more difference felt. 
Following that take a dose of RHUS TOX 30.
If an accident occurs causing extreme shock; leaving brain and body all shook up; strains or sprains; injuries without wounds; administer ARNICA 30 every 3-4 hours for great results.
An old injury that hasn’t healed properly and has left remnants upon general health, a dose of ARNICA 200 is found to be extremely effective. 
If there is an accidental injury along with a wound and bleeding, administer CALENDULA 30 every 3-4 hours and results should be visible soon. 
CALENDULA “Mother Tincture” can be applied directly to the wound, to heal and close it up, in a very short period of  time. 
Injuries caused due to sharp objects like knives, taking STAPHYSAGRIA 30 3-4 times daily should provide relief. While the dosage can be adjusted according to the level and intensity of pain later. 
For injuries to the spine or the nerves,1-2 doses of HYPERICUM 30 is highly effective.
If it’s an old injury then one single dose of HYPERICUM 200 should be administered. 
Although it is better to consult your homeopathic healer before trying to treat ailments due to old injuries,  to avoid any further damage. 
This many times will require a thorough investigation of the case. 
For bone injuries because of some hard or heavy thing falling upon them, RUTA 30 or 200 can be used effectively given the conditions. Sprains can also be treated with this remedy, administering the 30th Potency once to 4 times a day. Injury to the joints can also be treated with this remedy. 
RHUS TOX, should also be considered in such situations. 
NATRUM SULPHURICUM and KALI PHOSPHORICUM, both are remedies to be considered for injuries to the head and brain , very useful for the treatment after such an accident. In case of concussions or sport injuries to the head I usually prescribe one dose of ARNICA 200 right away, followed up by NAT SULPH 6X, morning, afternoon and evening. Sometimes as needed I include KALI PHOS 6X too, for treatment. 
If pain because of a sprain is not going away with the usage of RUTA, try alternating one day with a dose of RHUS TOX 30, should take care  heal faster. Resorting to alternating with RHUS TOX every other day in case of slow healing should speed up the process too. 
In case of a bone injury where there is a confirmed fracture , the first thing is to get it properly treated and diagnosed by a medical doctor. But using SYMPHYTUM in the 30th or 200TH potency, helps the broken bones heal and repair faster.
The best homeopathic remedy for fire, steam, heat burns, or accidents with hot liquids is CANTHARIS 30. 
This is a wonderful remedy to have on hand for such painful accidents for it is very effective at not only relieving the pain but also to prevent boils on the skin. Although following up this remedy with KALI MUR, is beneficial. 
A Medical Doctor  working in the emergency rooms has been using CANTHARIS 30 on my advice for burn victims with excellent results of faster and lasting recovery. 
If the burns, leave deeper wounds, homeopathic remedy X-RAY in 30th potency is very helpful in resolving and also KALI BICHROMICUM helps. 
LEDUM, is a great remedy when a person gets pricked with a needle, thorns or any pointy object, taken thrice daily. 
Scorpion bites are treated successfully with only one dose of LEDUM, taking away the excruciating pain caused by the poison. Applying mother tincture to the site of the bite also helps in reducing the pain significantly. Bee or wasp stings, that feel like being pricked by a needle are also treatable by LEDUM. 
A great remedy to have on hand where such insects are a norm.  
HYDROPHOBINUM, is a great remedy for treating the person but by a dog. One dose in the 200th potency, administered every day, for week should bring about great effectiveness in healing the wound. 
CEDRON is cited as a great remedy for treating snake bites. Although I have no experience in treating a patient bit by a snake, I did attend a seminar on Homeopathy in London once, where an anchor working for National Geographic was sharing his personal experience of treating a snake bite successfully with CEDRON. 
In my opinion though, a patient with a snake bite should be rushed to the hospital immediately for fast and effective treatment , to avoid any complications. 
Given by my experience, these homeopathic remedies can be successfully used to treat emergency issues but some emergencies where there is acutes d unbearable pain or imminent threat to the life of a patient, one should be taken into emergency right away without wasting any time whatsoever. 
For emergencies are not allopathic or homeopathic cases, they are hospital cases to be dealt by professionals in a timely and effective manner without delay.

Hussain Kaisrani – Psychotherapist & Homeopathic Consultant – Lahore Pakistan. Phone 03002000210

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