SAMBUCUS NIGRA (Samb.) سمبوکس – سیمبوکس





Suffocative attacks of asthma after fright.

Mental symptoms during perspiration (confusion, restlessness, starting, unconsciousness, anxiety).

Fear and anxiety during suffocative attacks.



Mostly a children’s remedy.

Perspiration in bed before sleep and after waking. Perspiration of the affected parts only while awake. AS SOON AS HE GOES TO BED THE PERSPIRATION STOPS AND THE SKIN BECOMES DRY AND BURNING. Dry heat during sleep, profuse perspiration on waking. Perspiration with aversion to uncovering. General sweat except the head.

Wakes up after a few hours of sleep with dyspnea and profuse perspiration. The child wakes nearly suffocated, he cannot exhale the air.

Asthma, dyspnoea worse at night. Frequent attacks of dyspnoea or asthma at night, esp. after midnight, must spring out of bed. Bluish face in asthma.

Dry nose completely obstructed with suffocative feeling. Because of obstruction infants have difficulty in breastfeeding.

Kidney problems with asthmatic attacks. Kidney problems with oedematous, dropsical swelling of extremities.

Coldness of feet and hands and feet with heat of the body.

Cough with excessive mucus in the larynx.



AGG.: lying, uncovering, after midnight, beginning of motion, change of position.

AMEL.: continued motion, walking, perspiration, motion of the affected part.