SECALE CORNUTUM (Sec.)  – سیکیل کار – سکیل کار





Shameless, exposes the person. Wants to be naked.

Raging, violent, muttering, maniacal delirium.

Restlessness. Discouraged and anxious. Apathy. Suicidal disposition to throw himself from a height.

Senility. Confusion of mind.



Hot remedy. Aggravated by warmth both generally and locally.

Although he is hot and does not want covers, the skin feels cold to touch.

Icy coldness with sweat and blueness but cannot bear to be covered, desires to uncover.

Chill and coldness of extremities but uncovering ameliorates.

GANGRENE of any part of the body esp. distal parts of extremities (foot, toes, hand, fingers). Senile gangrene. Gangrenous swelling ulcers, eruptions, vesicles.

Gangrene of foot with burning, tearing pains.

Claudication. Cramps in legs while walking or from exertion.

Formication in thigh, fingers, hand, lower limbs, foot.

Haemorrhagic tendency (hematuria, epistaxis, purpura, metrorrhagia).

Epistaxis in young women, drunkards, old people. Dark, black blood, thin or clotted epistaxis. Often offensive.



AGG.: warm (stove, wraps, air, room, bed, becoming), touch, motion.

AMEL.: cold, open air, vomiting.