30 11, 2016

MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (Merc.) – مرکسال Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MERCURIUS SOLUBILIS (Merc.) - مرکسال   INTROVERT WITH OFFENSIVE BREATH, METALLIC TASTE, SALIVATION   MENTALS INTROVERT, FEELS THREATENED Aggressive- impulse to kill, to do violent things. STAMMERING, mild, not violent. Impolite, contrary, reproaches others, aversion to his family, discontented.   PHYSICAL EXCESSIVE SALIVATION, wets the pillow during sleep. METALLIC TASTE IN THE MOUTH. OFFENSIVE BREATH. WHITE TONGUE. Tongue swollen, flabby, indented. Complaints of mucous membranes, excoriation (burn like fire). Aphthae. Gums are bleeding. PROFUSE PERSPIRATION with every complaint <night. Perspiration gives no relief. All symptoms are aggravated during or after perspiration. PAINS WORSE AT NIGHT.  Worse both extremes of temperature, heat and cold. Great weakness and trembling from slight exertion.   MODALITIES AGG.: night, perspiration, touch, heat and cold, lying on right side, warm air. AMEL.: sleep, falling asleep, cold, sour food. DES.: bread and butter, cold drinks, liquids, lemons. AVERS.: brandy, strong cheese.   MERCURY SOLUBILIS (Merc.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani) All complaints accompanied by offensive mouth, salivation, white indented tongue, metallic taste. KEYWORDS: offensive, white tongue, salivation, aggravation by heat and at night. MOUTH: white tongue, imprinted with the teeth. Aphthae. TEETH: inflammation of gums abscesses. Bleeding gums. All pathologies are accompanied by metallic taste, offensive breath, [...]

30 11, 2016

MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS (Merc-c.) مرکیورس کار – مرک کار Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MERCURIUS CORROSIVUS (Merc-c.) مرکیورس کار - مرک کار   VIOLENCE OF SYMPTOMS, INTENSE BURNING, RAPID SPREAD    MENTAL Impulsive, violent and active in movements. Startled from sleep, or on falling asleep. Dullness, memory weakness, stupefaction. Anxious and restless.   PHYSICAL BURNING: discharges, urine, urethral discharge, aphthae, pains. All discharges are acrid, excoriating, causing burning. Feeling of constriction and internal burning in rectum, neck of bladder. TENESMUS of bladder and rectum. Continuous urging for stool and urination. Only few drops of urine are coming out. Urine hot, burning, passed drop by drop, albuminous and bloody. Little stool is coming out with burning and blood. Remedy par excellence for ulcerative colitis. Conjunctivitis painful and severe. With acrid lachrymation. Specific for syphilitic iritis. Gingivitis, with swelling, bleeding and burning pains. Salivation. Sweats from every motion. Throat intensely inflamed, burning <on pressure. Spasmodic constriction of throat compelling him to retch and swallow constantly. Swelling of throat, cervical and submaxillary glands. Cracks and swelling of nipples.    MODALITIES AGG.: NIGHT pressure, lying on the side, exertion, after urination. AMEL.: rest, lying on back, motion. DES.: cold drinks, sour food. AVERS.: hot or warm food.

29 11, 2016

MANCINELLA (Manc.) – مانسینیلا Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA

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  MANCINELLA (Manc.) - مانسینیلا   FEAR OF DEVIL, OF INSANITY    MENTAL FEARS EVIL SPIRITS, GHOSTS, BEING TAKEN BY THE DEVIL. This brings FEAR OF INSANITY. Delusions that she will become insane. Afraid to pronounce the word 'devil'. Superstitious (Arg-n., Con., Rhus-t., Stram.). Obsessive thoughts. Fear of their own thoughts. Have to restrain them. Praying, hoping God will help them. Sexual thoughts, obsessions. Perverse fancies; can't put them aside.    PHYSICAL Allergies, postnasal catarrh. Constricting pain in throat < speaking, swallowing, drinking. Dysphagia from constriction of oesophagus. Spasms when drinking. Clothing aggravates the throat symptoms. Constriction, oppression in the chest > expectoration. Flushes of heat in stomach extending upwards. Cramping pain in abdomen after drinking water. Vesicular, desquamating eruptions in feet. Yellow vesicles in face. Shocks in cervical region < on waking. Palpitations < evening, turning in bed. Bloody taste after sleep.    MODALITIES AGG.: heat, puberty, climaxis. AMEL.: motion. DES.: strange things, salt.