HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF BABIES – Talks on Classical Homeopathy Part 3 – Discussion with Geroge Vithoulkas

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HOMOEOPATHIC TREATMENT OF BABIES George : Today I want to give you some information concerning the treatment of little babies. When you come to the point of treating babies, you wonder what to look for, especially when you are treating over the telephone. (Laughter) There area few things that we can look at. We could first look at the mood of the baby - the psychological state - weeping,  laughing and so on. We also look at the expression of the face. The second thing that we observe is the color of his face - red, pale, vesiculated, blue. Question : Are you talking about acute situations ? George : Acute or chronic, the first thing is to look at the gestures. The next ing is the wrinkles. I will give you examples l a t e r on, but first I want to give you some definite things to look for. These are hints. The next thing is the texture of the skin. And the next is the perspiration. Check the tongue. Look at the way in which he stands, sits, or lies down. Check color and odor of the urine. Check the color, odor and texture of the [...]