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ZINCUM METALLICUM (Zinc) – زنکم میٹالیکم – Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


ZINCUM METALLICUM (Zinc) –  زنکم میٹالیکم

Hyperactivity is the word for Zincum and we observe this mostly in feet and mind. We  see constant motion of the feet, twitching, spasms, jerking. Usually the moment they go to sleep there is an electrical stimulation that comes out in the lower extremities and they jerk. On the mental level there’s restlessness too. The brain is overstimulated but not in the way that Verat. and Coffea is. In Zincum the over activity causes a kind of dissatisfaction. It’s one of the main remedies for dissatisfaction and complaining.





RESTLESSNESS. HYPERACTIVE. Active concentration. – ‘Brain fag’ from over study.

Mental dullness. Repeats question first before answering. Understands question only after repetition.

Moaning, complaining, esp. of not being treated well by others. Torments everyone with his complaints.

Delusions devil is after her < during menses. Delusions is about to be arrested.

Sees devils, phantoms.

Sensitive to noise, to voices. Indisposed to talk.



OVERACTIVITY OF NERVOUS SYSTEM (esp. nerve endings are affected).

RESTLESSNESS of extremities esp. FEET- in bed or while sitting.

Jerking of extremities during sleep.

Twitching, facial spasms, convulsions, epilepsy esp. after suppression of eruptions <after exposure to sun. Convulsions when eruptions fail to break out.

Convulsions during dentition with pale face.

Ailments from suppressed eruptions: mania, comatose sleep, neurological complaints, convulsions, unconsciousness, chorea, scabies.

Strong sexual desire < before menses, > by the flow.

Defective vitality- lack of reaction. Too weak to develop menstrual function, to expectorate, to urinate, to comprehend.

Burning whole length of spine < sitting > walking.

Expectoration bloody with dry cough in the morning before menses.

Intolerance to wine, however craves stimulants.



AGG.: sitting, sleep during, after eating, after breakfast, drinking wine, after vaccination.

AMEL.: rubbing, eating while, motion, wet weather, walking, open air, during menses.

AVERS.: veal, fish, sweets.

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