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A homeopathic treatment of Hoarseness – A Causticum case

A lady – age 35 years – from London (UK) developed a problem of hoarseness آواز یا گلا بیٹھنا soon after reaching Pakistan. She is already a patient of diabetes since 5 years along with tonsil problem which is being managed by gargling. The recent issue of hoarseness was severe. Due to it, she was having problem in socializing for which she came to Pakistan.

On March 19, 2016 she visited me and all the detail of her case was taken. No other issue directly related to hoarseness was found. She was taking good amount of conventional medicines prescribed and provided by NHS, England. There were no symptoms of cold, flu or inflammation found. She was neither a speaker nor too much talkative.  No cold water or item was taken which would have caused this. The physical condition of throat was also quite normal.

There were more than 20 remedies suggested in the books under acute hoarseness. Rai Bahadur Bishambar Das has given a list of 36 remedies in his book Select Your Remedy.

I prescribed Causticum though it was not clearly indicated in the case except that it works great if some problem seems only localised. It also has an impact on local paralysis, vocal cords and muscles of tongue. (Homeopathic Materia Medica, William Boericke, M.D.)
Soon after taking first dose (when started sharing her other health issues), she surprisingly said to her husband that she feels a significant betterment. It was just unbelievable for her though not for me. She was given two more doses with a suggestion to take only if needed.
March 20 night — she updated that she had to take both doses and now feeling almost fine but if one more dose is provided, her problem will be fully cured. She was advised to wait one more day and see the results.
March 21 afternoon — she wanted to have a dose (which was provided and suggested to take only if needed) though she was feeling almost fine.
This is how a properly selected Homeopathic remedy addresses the health problems – A speedy and gentle cure without any side affects. 
Please feel free to contact if need a homeopathic treatment for you or your family.
Hussain Kaisrani is a Homeopathic Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy Bahria Town Lahore and could be contacted through email or phone for an appointment. ; 03002000210

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