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Anacardium orientale – The Soul of Remedies by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Anacardium Orientale is a plant. The remedy belongs to the cancer miasm.

The situation of Anacardium is that of a kind of child abuse. Overstrict parents impose all their
desires on the child and do not allow him to think or do anything on his own. He cannot take his
own decisions, to the extent that he is not allowed even to decide what clothes he should wear.

If he starts taking his own decisions or does not live up to the expectations placed upon him, he
will be punished cruelly. So he tries to live up to these expectations by being obedient and angelic in his behaviour, and by being excellent in his work. But he begins to develop a lack of self confidence, and becomes nervous. He is irresolute, because the outcome of his decisiveness is usually a severe punishment. If the domination persists and he is compelled to put up with it, he starts reacting with cruelty, malice, want of moral feeling, and antisocial behaviour. Here he may also develop a tremendous overconfidence with contempt for others. But Anacardium can be very hard and cruel, and at the same time have a lack of self-confidence.

There are thus two sides to Anacardium. On the one hand he is good, angelic, obedient from fear of punishment. He is very orderly, fastidious, cannot rest till things are in proper place. The other part of him is hard, malicious, violent, devilish, disgusted with himself. He becomes immoral, develops suicidal or homicidal tendencies, is abusive, stubborn and avoids the company of people. These two sides of Anacardium are constantly in opposition to each other: should he be an angel or a devil.

Anacardium could be the wife of a selfish tyrant who rules with an iron fist, and does not allow her to take any decisions. She becomes irresolute, lacks in self-confidence, is confused – always has two wills. She becomes dull and very absent-minded (Anacardium has a marked absentmindedness). She may be childish, idiotic and timid out of lack of self-confidence and fear. The fear can paralyse her thinking as can be seen when appearing for an examination.

Whereas Anacardium is known for its hard-heartedness, cruelty, want of moral feeling, a compensated Anacardium cannot be cruel even when the situation demands. He will, perhaps, be unable to kill even an irritating mosquito.

Thus, Anacardium has the feeling of an angel sitting on one shoulder, and a devil on the other.

– Will, contradiction of, two wills, feels, as if he had.
– Delusion, that he is separated from the world.
– Unfeeling, hard-hearted.
– Delusion, of being double.
– Delusion, is under super-human control.
– Delusion, sees devils.
– Cruelty, inhumanity.
– Cursing.
– Hatred.
– Moral feeling, want of.
– Kill, desire to.
– Kisses his companions hands.
– Confidence, want of self.
– Timidity, bashful.
– Rage, leading to violent deeds.

– Antagonism with self.

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