Anhalonium is a “drug” remedy. It is prepared from Peyotl the cactus from which mescaline is
extracted. It belongs to the cancer miasm.

The experience of mescaline is often one of merging with one’s surroundings or the feeling of being one with the whole of existence, seeing oneself without any boundaries. This is close to the highest spiritual experience as described in Hindu or Buddhist philosophy as oneness or nonduality of Spirit. This experience implies immortality – what dies is the body; as the Self is continuous with the whole of existence, it cannot be mortal.

The need for such an experience arises from the feeling of having no roots, of having no identity,
of feeling totally isolated and separated from other human beings, so that one sees one’s ego
as being separate and being totally mortal. This can create immense fear of losing one’s very
existence which is much more than the mere fear of death.

The easiest way to experience this loss of existence is for a person to ask himself the question:
“Who am I, if I remove my name?” Just imagine that you don’t have a name and you are not
allowed to invent a name for yourself and ask: “Who am I?” There is a tremendous blankness, a
void, an emptiness which is very scary. A void which the patient tries to bridge by connecting
himself to not only his name, but also to some group or society, his family, etc., so that he extends himself beyond body and his larger group identity does not die so easily.

Anhalonium comes from a situation where people experience a total solitude and feel they
could lose their identity. In such a situation the only solution is being in the Anhalonium state,
where they can identify themselves with not only a group or family but with the whole of existence.
I believe that many a well-known spiritual leader/teacher could have had a background of isolation and an absence of roots, which could be a powerful impetus to seek one’ spiritual identity.
Anhalonium belongs to the cancer miasm, where the person has to stretch much beyond himself or he will lose his existence. He starts living inside a bubble, isolated from the rest of the world but inside it, he creates his own universe.

Anhalonium people speak in terms of universe, space, etc. They have the most fantastic experiences which are often spiritual, and have no fear of losing their ego, identity or losing a dear

Often, I have found that they had tried out drugs and had good experiences with mescaline.
They often try their best to belong to groups but usually feel quite alone. They also react well to
music and can go into trance from rhythms.

– Confusion, identity, as to his, depersonalization, loss of self-knowledge and self-control; disassociation from or self-identification with environment, personal disruption.
– Decomposition, space, of.
– Delusion, immortality, of.
– Delusion, standing by oneself.
– Environmental orientation increased.
– Forsaken, isolation, sensation of.
– Merging of self with one’s environment.
– Reality, flight from.