Assessing Human Health – Correlation Of Autoimmune Diseases With Chemically Suppressed Acute Infections Of Patient’s Past Medical History

S. Kivellos  and G. Vithoulkas

According to Prof. G. Vithoulkas’ theory of  “Levels of Health”, patients are classified into different levels of health. The criteria used for this classification are based on the immune responses of the body to different disease agents and treatments.

It has been observed that sometimes after an acute disease, an autoimmune disease emerges, which has a direct relation to the acute and also to the medications used in the case. Such a reaction usually is attributed to the side effects of the medication. After such an emergence of a chronic auto-immune disease, the organism stops developing acute infections, that were manifesting regularly in the past.

The fact for instance that an organism does not develop any acute diseases, can be interpreted in two ways: a) the body is very healthy or, b) the body cannot manifest an acute disease due to a compromised immune system.

In this study is examined the ability of the organism to maintain a high fever in acute conditions as a protector of later development of autoimmune conditions.

Consequently, there is a need to scientifically approach the fact that the treatment of acute diseases can lead in two opposite directions: it can either bring about a cure, or, on the contrary, it can cause a gradual degeneration of the body’s Psycho-Neuro-Immunological defense. The reduction, or the disappearance of fever during an acute condition may have two explanations: either that the body does not need it anymore, or that the body cannot maintain them anymore.

More studies are necessary to reveal if the human organism’s immuno-sufficiency to raise high fever during an acute infection is a protective factor against autoimmune diseases.


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