Bryonia alba – The Soul of Remedies by Dr Rajan Sankaran

Bryonia is a plant remedy. It belongs to the typhoid miasm, which lies between the acute and the psoric. In my experience, the main feeling of Bryonia is the feeling of a loss, which has to be made up very fast. One of the commonest ways of making up a loss is by business. Here you invest what you have, take risks and try to increase your wealth. The concentration is totally on business, so much so that the Bryonia person talks and dreams of business, and in delirium will mention what money has to be put where and what business transaction has to be completed.

The Bryonia person is very industrious, busy and determined, and works at a feverish pace. He becomes dry, insensitive to the emotions and feelings of others. He talks little and doesn’t like to be disturbed. He reads things concerned with his business, converses with business people, and his attitude in the clinic will also be rather business-like.

As a result, one could mistake Bryonia for Calcarea fluorica, but the theme of Calcarea fluorica is to preserve what one already has, and therefore Calcarea fluorica does not take any risks.

Bryonia however does take risks. Again, the complaints of Bryonia are more acute and will impede movement, whereas Calcarea fluorica will develop a slow, chronic illness which can make one dependent.

One may also compare Bryonia with Veratrum album, but Veratrum is concerned more with the loss of position than with the loss of money. So egotism, extravagance and show become the theme in Veratrum, but are not so much seen in Bryonia.

– Fear of poverty.
– Talks of business.
– Busy.
– Delirium, busy.
– Delusions, fancies, is doing business.
– Industrious.
– Disturbed, averse to being.
– Talk indisposed to, desires to be silent, taciturn.
– Dreams: business.
– Dreams: being busy.
– Dreams: exertion: mental and physical.
– Dreams: exhausting.
– Avarice.

– Desires warm milk.
– Desires soups.

– Loquacity, of business.



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