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CoronaVirus – The advantage of Homeopathy – George Vithoulkas

The advantage of Homeopathy lies in the fact that the diagnosis of the indicated remedy is based on the individual symptoms not in the pathology.

This pandemic is a great opportunity for homeopathy to show the advantage we have over other systems of medicine. Why?
Because conventional medicine has to wait until they have found the cause for the pathology before they can start treating a case.

On the contrary, in homeopathy we take in to consideration the response of the organism to the causative factor (the totality of the symptoms) in order to start the treatment. Therefore the intervention can be immediate.

The totality of symptoms for each patient become the guiding signs for finding the indicated remedy.
Therefore a homeopath can prescribe a remedy with the first manifestation of symptoms and in this way, “preventing” the full development of the pathology (state of pneumonia).
This type of “preventing” has been misinterpreted by some homeopaths who think that we, homeopaths, also have remedies that will be acting like a “vaccine” !

This is a totally wrong perception, homeopathy cannot provide “preventive” remedies with the kind of effectiveness a vaccine may have.

If the right remedy is given in an organism under a minor stress, like when we get a common cold or a simple flu, the organism will reset instantly and will not develop in to a bronchitis or pneumonia. In such a case, a dose of Aconitum or of Arsenicum will work in many cases of simple flu, especially Arsenicum, will act if the body feels very cold. This experience most probably prompted AYUSH to declare the use of Arsenicum. In a way we can say from experience that these two remedies are the genus epidemicus for common colds or simple flu virus, as they will prevent in many cases the further development of the flu going to the deeper parts of the respiratory track.

But for this Covid-19 things are different. This virus acts very strangely as it develops very slowly in the beginning and if finds a weakened immune system, proceeds fast in to destroying the lungs, by creating pulmonary fibrosis, a state that the patient has such dyspnea as if is drowning in water.

That is why I have said that we must be careful in to declaring a remedy, as genus epidemicus.
I have received several proposals so far from several homeopathic centres proposing a different remedy each time that ask to declare it as the genus epidemicus, but there is no substantiation for any of them, except for the proposal of AYUSH that, as I said, is based on past experience of many years but with simple viruses.

It is a pity that no one from the almost two thousands diploma holders of the IACH has received and treated any confirmed case, therefore the detailed information we need in homeopathy in order to make a differential diagnosis is missing.
For all the above reasons we should be reserved in giving out to the public information about the treatment of Covid-19 that is not substantiated. Each one of us we must continue to investigate and try to help our immediate environment.

Prof. George Vithoulkas

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