Treatment of Anxiety, Depression, Weight Loss, Hair Loss – Review & Feedback

2020 was a nightmare of a year for me, I encountered various issues which totally transformed my life. I was soo low that I started to questioning my existence.

Anxiety, depression, weight loss, hair loss, low self esteem, body aches, lack of sleep, low diet, to some it up, i was trashed. Felt I was at the verge of dying.

I heard about Dr. Hussain Kaisrani through an acquaintance. He immediately took my case, understood my issues, was courteous, helpful, a motivator and a good listener.
The medication he put me on, transformed me within mere days, i started to feel good, got hold of myself, my life and everything started to happen as per my preference.
I am wholeheartedly thankful to Doctor Sahab for being my saviour for pulling me out of the misery i was in.


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Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain) is a distinguished Psychotherapist & Chief Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore. 

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