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Homeopathic Treatment – Bringing People Back to Life – Feedback

The Patient: Salam – And have a good day.

I think I will manage myself now INSHAH ALLAH. I am trying to get free myself from treatment for one month then the things will become more prominent after one month and we will discuss the major ones if needed.

The Healer: That would be simply great. My best wishes and prayers.

The Patient: Gud luck for me and for your other patients.

The Healer Said After First Interview: Yes – Main aap ko yaqeen dilata hoon keh aap zindagi ki taraf wapus aa jaein gey. Phir aap khud apney aap ko manage kar lain gey, In Sha Allah

The Patient: You fulfilled your commitment. Thanks a lot .😊 ALHAMDULILLAH

The Healer: I am so happy for you. It’s great that you are back to life – thinking and working normally.
Thank you so very much for acknowledging dear.

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