Mr GK – Age 49 – Married since 18 years contacted me in August 2016. Lets have a look on his case:

About One years ago I felt some health problems when I returned back from the Europe after spending more than 10 year over there. Before coming back to Pakistan a homeopath in Paris, France prescribed me Silicia and some other medicines but it did not help significantly.

In the meantime I went through a complete annual check up and found that my fasting blood sugar level is on abnormal side. It was 125 at that time (about a year ago). Vitamin D was also seriously deficient. I did not take any medicine (except Vitamin D injections orally) but tried to control the matter with exercise, physical activity and food management. After a lot of hard work I was able to reduce my weight from 90 KG to 82 KG in a year time. Also Fasting Sugar Level decreased from 125 to 122 or so. As per my understanding it is pre-diabetic condition as Fasting Sugar Level on 126 or more is taken as a diabetic condition.

My symptoms before special care were:

  • Excessive thirst and urine passing
  • dryness of mouth
  • Pain in right hand (above elbow area muscles)
  • Backache on lower part in the centre area bone
  • No sex desire at all
  • Laziness
  • Strange feeling on lower side of tongue
  • Itching in the right ear – Actually it keeps on discharging since last 10 years. The itching is felt in the inner area. It gets better after some time and then comes back
  • Gums swelling, bleeding and bad breath
  • Mentally and emotionally disturbed
  • Over Weight (82KG)
  • Family History: No life threatening illness in immediate family (but one of my step uncle was diagnosed a diabetic and then heart patient)

I would request you to guide me:

Whether I should consider myself a Diabetic. If Yes then it is still curable in Homeopathy. In both cases I would like to get treated by you at Hussain Kaisrani Homeopathic Consultancy. Please advise accordingly?


August 11, 2016 – Analysis and selection of medicine

Considering his case, fasting blood sugar level and totality of the symptoms, Acidum Phosphoricum was the best suitable medicine but I decided to go with Suphur considering that the homeopaths in Paris would have given compounds as it is normal practice in Europe and specially in France. They too much rely upon Mixopathy (mixing homeopathic medicines). Sulphur, in that situation, would open up the case. Mr GK was advised to change life style and manage his food. He was also informed that I’ve not had much success in healing Diabetes as a disease but symptoms could be managed.

His Fast Blood Sugar level was 122.

Septemeber 26, 2016 – Follow up, Feedback and Prescription

Mr GK was happy with the treatment and provided following feedback:

After changing my life style – starting walk, exercise, food management (close to natural food and less in quantity), few of symptoms changed and now these are:

  1. Fasting Blood Sugar level remains around 116
  2. Water in mouth
  3. Sweet taste in mouth (started only three days ago and the feeling is there all the time)
  4. No interest in sex
  5. Sexual urge and energy is decreasing
  6. Mentally and emotional satisfied
  7. Pain in right hand (above the elbow area) occurs occasionally
  8. Vitamin D is still deficient

Acidum Phosphoricum was prescribed.


January 16, 2017 – Feedback

  • Fasting Blood Sugar level decreased and is 110 now
  • Overall health is significantly improved
  • The sweet taste and watery mouth problem is almost finished. Very rarely, I feel it now.
  • Sex drive and interest is also little bit improved
  • The symptoms related to increase in blood sugar level are no more there
  • The problems related to ears were increased. I can recall that same kind of problems and symptoms were there when this problem started about 10 years ago when I was in London. Now these problems are decreasing day by day
  • The pain in the back of neck on left side and left shoulder was controlled but has developed it again recently (its fourth day now). It starts increasing in the morning and finishes in the night.
  • Pain in left hand muscles above elbow area was cured but has recently started again with the neck pain.
  • Gum bleeding and bad breathe were increased too much but now 80% controlled.
  • Not went for laboratory tests of Vitamin D test so have no idea of numbering etc etc.

Psorinum one dose prescribed.


March 25, 2016

  1. I was having a feeling of dizziness چکر آنا since few days. It was a kind of wave for one second or so in the start when I moved my body from one side to other during standing. From yesterday, it is increased and with any sudden movement it occurs. Even it happened when I was sleeping and got up last night. I had to sleep again to control myself.
  2. I am also having a feeling of weakness.
  3. My blood sugar level fasting is now decreased and is 103. Itching and discharge from the ear is not there anymore

Psorinum is a deep acting remedy. It seems that medicine is working so wait is the best option in this situation.

June 01, 2017

I get my blood sugar level checked at home. Its value for fasting remains around 100 which is almost normal. My symptoms seems getting better as well. I understand that I should wait and see how it goes. Please advise accordingly.

Advise was that WAIT is always good as we give our body a chance to heal naturally. So he is now medicine free, Ma Sha Allah!

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