Mr JA – age 56 – contacted us in December 2015. He was feeling pale and highly disturbed. His confidence level was shaken and it was difficult for him to explain his case.

  1. His birth, childhood and teen age life was normal, healthy and fit
  2. At the age of 22 he remained hospitalized and too much medication was used
  3. After two months hospitalization it was diagnosed that he had Typhoid but it was disturbed a lot. He got bit better after long treatment but caught by TB. TB course was done and he gradually became healthy. 
  4. He had no family history of Asthma, Cancer, Hearth and Sugar issue.
  5. Two weeks ago he got his sugar checked and it was above 200 Fasting. He started taking basic (allopathic) medicine for it.
  6. His thirst and hunger is normal.
  7. In general he avoids to take medicines. He has normal body – meaning neither bulky nor overweight.
  8. His sleep and over all health / life is normal.

His main and recent issues

About a year ago he felt that all of sudden he lost interest in physical relations. Gradually, he found that there is almost no energy left in him.

He used to have urine uncontrolled drops in the past (two years time period), especially in winter. After using allopathic medicines suggested by Urologists for few months he left those as these were disturbing his stomach and sleep. Some of his friend advised him a homeopathic medicine Sabal 30 which he used for longer period. It helped him a bit. Later he used Belladona 200 one dose daily for about a week and it controlled the problem nicely.

This year, right from the start of winter he developed this problem again. He decided to take Belladona 200 for one week about a month ago but it did not work at all. He started morning walk since a month. Sugar level for fasting is dropped from 200 to 160 now.

Recently he lost control on his urine. It just shoots some time. Few times he found his bed wet at night as he could not control the urine. He avoids going out due to this problem. Due to this problem his worries are increased as his job is on stake.

Treatment Started on December 19, 2015

After taking his case thoroughly, it was decided to wait for time to exhaust the affect Balladona 200 which he took without consulting any professional homeopathic doctor. There is a great book by Dr James Tyler Kent (it is, actually a collection of his lectures) Lectures on Homoepathic Philosophy. His second last lecture (number 36) is on The Second Prescription. Considering his guidance about Second prescription, it was decided to give Placebo to JA instead of any new remedy. LET THE DOSE EXHAUST.

January 15, 2016

After taking the case again (which has not been changed much), Argentum Metallicum was prescribed with a special instruction NOT to take any other homeopathic remedies during this treatment.

February 02, 2016

He was a totally changed person. His confidence was improved significantly. He was fully satisfied with the treatment. His problem to urine was 50% better than before. He informed that there was a serious distress in his life due to which he was high disturbed. He has started managing with it now. He was provided tablets one month.

May 17, 2016

He did not come for 3 months as he thought that he is perfectly fine as far as his involuntary urination was concerned. The issue in the family increased and he got highly distressed and disturbed again. He was highly disappointed with his close family member. His sleep was disturbed too much. Urinary incontinence along with increased sugar level problem had a large impact on quality of his life. Phosphoricum Acidum was prescribed which worked well till June 03, 2016 when he contacted last time.