Respiratory SOLVED CASES Treatment

Homeopathic Treatment for Pollen Allergy, flu, sneezing, nose running and blockage

Mr BK Khan age 27 from Lahore visited for his treatment. He was reffered by one of my old patient who faced same kind of problem for years.

The summary of Mr BK Khan case is being reproduced below.

Early Morning whenever gets up or travels to some other city, he starts feeling too much Itching / irritation in the nose. Other than this

  1. Too much Sneezing
  2. Nose watery and he needs too many tissue to use every hour
  3. One nose remains closed – no fix side – in general
  4. Pressure on eyes
  5. Hunger increase with the increase in above mentioned problem
  6. Laziness feeling when problem starts
  7. Eyesight is getting weaker
  8. Change of every weather affects a lot
  9. Before starting the problem and using anti allergy tablets, the cold weather was the main reason behind the problem
  10. Problem started more than 3 years ago when he was on a visit of UK
  11. He visited few specialists but the problem was not controlled. He was told that it is allergy issue and not possible to get cured
  12. He has been treating the problem by himself by taking Anti Allergy tablets since last one year or so
  13. He is a smoker since 3 years

Family History:

Same problem with his sister who lives in Norway

Mother: Asthma

March 13, 2016

He was prescribed Psorinum. Almost all of his problem got better within two weeks

April 12, 2016

He works in Marketing department so needs to travel a lot. During last month he had to travel and remained fine. He was asked to wait for one more month.

April 28, 2016

He came back with the complaint that all of his betterment is no more there. All of  his problem came back. After taking his case again, it was found that he had been taking coffee every now and then. He was advised not take coffee as it may be antidoting the homeopathic medicine’s affect.

He was given Psorinum again. On May 03, 2016 he informed that his problem is increased a lot instead of getting better. He was asked to wait for three days and report accordingly.

May 25, 2016

His health got perfectly fine. His sleep was more better and sound. Mood and temprament got significantly nice which was noticed by his family and friends.

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