HYDRASTIS CANADENSIS (Hydr.)  – ہائیڈراسٹس





Suited to people that are old, weak, easily tired persons with emaciation, depressed, sure of death and desires it.

Irritability. Curses his mother, throws food or medicine across room.

Weakness of memory for what is about to do, say, what has happened.

Sadness, loathing of life, aversion going out, desires death.



Acts on the mucus membranes producing increased VISCID, THICK YELLOW, ROPY SECRETIONS/ DISCHARGES (Kali-bi).

Discharges, catarrh from ear, larynx, throat, eye, nose, bladder, chest, urethra.

Catarrhal conditions esp. of the upper respiratory tract. SINUSITIS.

Post-nasal catarrh. Yellow and thick post-nasal discharge. Constant inclination to blow the nose.

Bronchitis in old, exhausted persons. Cough > lying, < inhaling cold air.

Leucorrhœa ropy, thick, purulent.

Action on the liver is marked: cirrhosis, atrophy, congestion, enlargement of liver.

Constipation with ineffectual urging <pregnancy, after abuse of drugs.

Headache connected with constipation.

Tongue indented, flabby, yellow white. Sensation as if the mouth is enlarged. Inflammation of mouth in nursing women.

Cancerous ulcers of the skin. Ulcers are burning, sensitive, deep, bleeding when touched. Cracks between toes. 

Periodical faintness every day with cold perspiration.



AGG.: after emissions.

AMEL.: milk.

AVERS.: food, vegetables.