KALI BICHROMICUM (Kali-bi.) – کالی بائیکرومیکم – کالی بائکروم Keynotes Derived from Homeopathic Materia Medica VIVA


KALI BICHROMICUM (Kali-bi.) – کالی بائیکرومیکم – کالی بائکروم


In this remedy stickiness is the main idea. The mind, the emotions and the discharges are stuck. Sticky thoughts, sticky pus, sticky discharges, sticky vomiting. The pains do not move, they are stuck in a spot.






NARROW-MINDED. Emotionally closed and anti-social. Misanthropy, avoids human society. General loathing, loathing life.

Aversion to mental work.



Affects mucous membranes of air passages. Sluggish reaction in many conditions, ulcers and inflammations.


Catarrh extending to frontal sinuses. Postnasal catarrh. Catarrhal inflammation of eyes, catarrhal headache. SINUSITIS with pain in the root of nose. Sinusitis with profuse discharge.

Crusts, scabs inside the nose.

Rattling respiration, chest full of mucus. Rattling cough.

Expectoration difficult, stringy, ropy, adhering to throat, teeth and lips.

Pains in SMALL SPOTS, wandering from one point to another, appear and disappear suddenly. Diagonal pains.

Sensation of hair on tongue, palate, throat.

Profuse perspiration esp. while sitting quietly.

Gastric symptoms alternating with rheumatic symptoms or pulmonary troubles. Eruptions alternating with rheumatic pains.

Cracking in joints. Rheumatic pains in fingers.

Tongue is red and glistening.



AGG.: beer, summer, after 02:00, motion.

AMEL.: warmth, warmth of bed, pressure.

DES.: beer, sweets.

AVERS.: water, meat.


KALI BICHROMICUM (Kali-bi.) – Acute (Hussain Kaisrani)

Stringy, thick discharges accompany all conditions.


Sinusitis, asthma, bronchitis, cough, arthritis.

All discharges (catarrh, vomiting, pus, expectoration etc.) are thick, gluey, stringy.

NOSE:  thick, tough, gluey, yellow, offensive discharge. Postnasal catarrh.

Sinusitis with pain in nasal bones, in root of nose, in face, cheeks, above the eyes. Aggravated from stooping, cough.  Fullness of sinuses. Dryness inside the nose. Obstruction of nose, loss of smell. Sinusitis without discharge. The patient is compelled to blow his nose. Facial pain alternating with pain in limbs.

Hay fever with watery, excoriating catarrh, burning and rawness in posterior nares.

Aggravated in open air. Swelling inside the nose.

HEAD: occipital headache extending to forehead. Heaviness of head. Headache with coryza.  Ameliorated by pressure. Headache when the nasal discharge ceases.

RESPIRATION: respiratory affections with productive cough and thick expectoration.

Aggravated at 1-2 a.m. Rattling respiration due to the excess mucous.

CHEST: pain, oppression of chest aggravated on coughing, on breathing deeply. Expectoration is so stringy and viscid that adheres to throat and teeth. Difficult expectoration. Pain in sternum or under right mamma extending to back.

COUGH: on waking in the morning. Cough with mucus in chest and larynx. Cough hoarse, metallic, barking cough aggravated from eating, cold air, uncovering, after sleep, on inspiration.

THROAT: hoarseness. Pain on coughing. Swollen, red tonsils. Suppurative tonsillitis.

EYES: hay fever with itching, redness, swelling, burning of eyes. Thick, stringy mucus. Injected eye. Pulsating pain above eyes in sinusitis.

EAR: suppurative otitis with eustachian catarrh. Pain extending from ear to mastoid process, to parotid gland, to roof of mouth. Redness and itching. Pains are aggravated at night.

ABDOMEN: pain in right hypochondria extending to right shoulder. Colic. Pain with vomiting.

STOMACH:  vomiting of stringy mucous.

GENERALITIES:   the pain is felt in one particular small spot.

BACK: pain in coccyx while sitting, on rising from a seat, morning,. Pain between scapulae. Sciatica aggravated with pressure and ameliorated by walking.


Aggravation: uncovering, becoming cold, warm wet weather, night, eating.

Amelioration: warmth, pressure, walking.



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