I, FQ (age 46) had always been a regular patient with a pile of issues; physical and mental. I brought him a set of problems; polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with irregular menstrual cycle, sever lower abdomen pain (fainted due to this pain). I had been suffering this for more than 10 years, leaving no stone unturned but nothing worked.

I thought to spend rest of my life with this problem but surprisingly Homeopathic Dr. Hussain Kaisrani Sahib’s treatment managed it within weeks.

Following major health issues made my life hell.

  1. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) with irregular menstrual cycle – Fully Clear and cured now
    Cysts and growths on body parts
  2. Very sensitive stomach (was able to eat very few food items for years)
  3. heavy hair fall (even had some clean patches on head – alopeica بالچر)
  4. Skin allergy
  5. Bad temper
  6. Insomnia and Sleeplessness
  7. Plethora of Fear, phobias and insecurities

When I came to know about him I didn’t know that he would be very different from the conventional doctors (medical and homeopathic). I had seen so many renowned names of their field but every time I had a timely solution which made my life even worse. But Alhumdulillah! I managed to have a contact with him which was even difficult to imagine to be an ONLINE client.

I am glad enough to have such an excellent service from him that is easily and all time available. He considered me more than a patient and took care of me. He addressed and solved all my issues wisely and patiently. Being a working lady it was hardly possible for me to see a doctor often and he provided me the facility of medicine at my doorstep which was really a blessing for me. He was always there for me whether its day or night I comfortably asked help and he provided as per my convenience. I have never been to any doctor ever since started his treatment.

I am spending quality of life now with peace of mind which was a surreal for me. Life is normal to me now eating better, sleeping better and living better even without continuous medication.

Thank you so much for your deep concern for solving my life stretching issues. May Allah bless you for your great services to console others and giving comfort and assistance to the distress people.