Mrs UM, 34 years of age, resident of Denmark, mother of two children contacted through phone on April 03, 2018 to seek help regarding her ailments and problems. Along with other multiple problems, the chief complaint was that she was a diagnosed case of hypothyroidism for last 10 years and was on medication (Thyroxine) to manage her condition. She was initially reluctant and unsure about her decision of taking homeopathic medicine / treatment. After initial introductory interviews her case was taken in detail and she finally managed to narrate her problems in upcoming case taking and followup sessions.

The details of her issues are as under

Physical Symptoms

  1. She had following longstanding physical ailments
  2. 10 years back she started experiencing
  3. Weight gain
  4. Hair fall (with the passage of time she started taking herbal medications to make it stop but that didn’t work properly)
  5. Lethargy (She had poor energy levels during the day, feeling herself slow, lazy all the time, fatigued and always wanting to take more rest)
  6. Somnolence (She felt sleepy and tired)
  7. Clumsiness (She was unable to hold things properly and they kept falling out of her hands)
  8. Skin changes (excessive dryness on hands, feet, face)
  9. Constipation, stomach problems
  10. Body aches (in neck, back and shoulders – the problem was particularly very noticeable in the mornings and made waking up a struggle everyday)
  11. Allergy (It was amongst one of her major problems. She had a long history of allergy and underwent allergen sensitivity test multiple times which came negative every time. She had seasonal exacerbation of her allergic symptoms like nasal stuffiness, itching and redness in eyes, throat and nose, excessive sneezing, respiratory issues, loud snoring while lying down. She was on anti allergy medicine on routine basis)
  12. Headache
  13. Lower back pain and pain in thighs
  14. All her symptoms used to aggravate on missing thyroxine

For these problems, she underwent lab tests for consecutive 2- 3 months and was finally diagnosed as a case of hypothyroidism. She was started on thyroxine and with the passage of time she was put on high dose thyroxine for her problems.

Mental Symptoms

She had history of depression and anxiety. She is an anxious person who has a very low threshold for stress and pressure. She always used to have stomach problems / diarrhea during her exams in student life and could not continue her study because she was unable to manage that pressure. She had to quit her studies due to her health issues.

Psychological Issues

She had very severe anger management issues (In her own words; When I have anger outbursts I become so uncontrolled that I feel like killing somebody or killing myself). It was one of her major problems according to her and it had a very negative impact on her marital / family life.

She was psychologically dependent on all of her medications and skipping doses used to make her badly anxious.

Personality Disturbances / Emotional problems

She happens to be an overly sensitive person. She cannot withstand watching somebody in pain and has always been emotionally weak. She has a very low confidence, cannot stand her ground at work and cannot speak up for her rights on any platform. She cannot withstand criticism or any difference of opinion, feels easily humiliated and take general casual things personal. She is a hardworking person but cannot save money because of her emotional imbalance. Loud sounds are unbearable for her. Overall, she is a nostalgiac person with fragile mood and tendency to cry over small things.

Fears / Phobias
Thunderstorms, lightening, gets bothered by rainy / cloudy weather,
All animals especially dogs (which is a problem for her because hating dogs is itself considered a hateable thing in her country)

Aversions / Inclinations / Desires

  • Prominent inclination / high desires towards sweats / cold desserts (cakes, pastries etc)
  • Likes bakery items, fish and vegetables
  • She also has prominent interest in horses and music

Gynaecological Issues

  1. History of excessive bleeding
  2. Aggravation of all problems during periods
  3. Excessive vomiting and low weight gain in pregnancy, thyroxine doses had to be raised during pregnancy

Family History

Hypothyroidism (sister and paternal side)
Hypertension, diabetes, stroke, depression, anxiety and stress (maternal side)


April 03, 2o18 – Nux Vomica was prescribed as she was taking too many allopathic medicines, anti allergy tablets, multivitamins. She was instructed not to take anything which has any medicinal affect.

April 10, 2018 – Bryonia Alba (she was having severe backache and body aches during walk and work)

April 20, 2018 – Tuberculinum 200 Single Dose (She reported too much irritability especially when awakening, FEAR of DOGS and animals, Anger, Respiratory problems (allergy) better in open air and she was highly disturbed when at home, Thinking all the time to change or leave her job, Highly discontented.

May 11, 2018 – Phosphorus 200  Single Dose (Tuberculinum Bovinum opened up the case. Fear and Phobia of Dogs was totally controlled. She was very much worried because everyone and everything was disturbing her. She can’t control herself and expresses her emotions and feelings freely. Oversensitive and excitable, Was crying and complaining all the time. High desire for company. Amelioration after bathing with hot water. She started liking music after so many years. Backache and body aches started again. She very regularly needed reassurance that her treatment is going fine and leaving Thyroxine will not have any serious withdrawal affect. Respiratory track got affected badly. Fear of thunderstorm and something happen. Very Sympathetic – seen some video on facebook and got worried. Kept on thinking for hours how to donate / help.

July 21, 2018 – Manageable Ups and downs were reported during last two months but no homeopathic medicine was prescribed. Not a single allopathic medicine was required since April 03, 2018.

She made important decisions about her personal and professional life. Also resolved many of her pending issues. She spent quality and quantity time with her family and kids.

Her treatment is continued as she is taking weekly sessions on telephone.



  1. After three months of medication, counselling, monitoring, follow ups and making changes in treatment approach as and when needed, she was asked to give a thorough review of her current health status which showed that 80% of her problems were already managed. Stating major changes as follows (for details her feedback is presented at the end of this post) . CLICK HERE For Reading in URDU  

    ہائپوتھائیرائڈزم کیس، ہومیوپیتھک دوا، علاج اور فیڈبیک – حسین قیصرانی 

  2. Her initial reservations and apprehension regarding leaving thyroxine were gone as she was completely satisfied with her treatment. She was very grateful and happy for the amount of hard work that was being put in her case.
  3. She became thyroxine free and also free from her regular other medicines like anti-allergy, vitamins capsules, herbal medicines, hairfall supplements, fish oil and pain killers.
  4. According to her she believes that this treatment approach has less side effects and doesn’t impair her functioning.
  5. Her quality of life was markedly better. She was able to loose her weight.
  6. With medication and counselling she is better on managing stress and can work better in different situations. Gradually attaining balance in personality.
  7. Trying to get over excessive sensitivity so that she can save for herself.
  8. Most importantly, she has a very visible attitude towards life. Positive thinking was clearly noticeable in later sessions of case taking. Depression and anxiety were completely gone and she was more open and ready for upcoming challenges of life.
  9. Overall health issues in physical sphere became almost normal. All physical symptoms remained manageable for most part with occasional ups and downs which too were managed by slight changes of medication and mostly moral support.


Homeopathic Treatment for Hypothyroidism – Feedback from Denmark

Dear Dr Hussain Kaisrani Sahib,

I hope and pray that you and your family are fine by the grace of Allah Almighty!

First of all, I would thank to God Almighty as with the grace and blessings of Allah Taala, I am feeling much better than before – especially 80% of my quality of life is positively changed. The credit goes to you Dr Sahib, Homeopathy and your way of treatment. I had already experienced homeopathy for some small issues like influenza, cough and fever etc but the way of your treatment helps, it is amazing and very reliable. I would like to share my quality of life before and after your treatment with the readers of your website and facebook page. The stories and feedback from the patients on your website are very helpful in understanding your treatment methodology. I hope that you will publish my feedback of three months treatment.

I am 34 years old living in Denmark. I am married and got two beautiful daughters. I work in a nursery (kinder-garden / Kindergarten. My husband works in Spain in summers and lives in Denmark in winters. I was experiencing HYPOTHYROID since 10 yeas. I used to take following medicines on very regular basis:

  • High potency of thyroxine
  • 1 multivitamin tablet
  • 1 tablet D-vitamin with calcium
  • 1 fish oil capsule
  • 1 capsule to control my hair fall issue

That was my daily routine. Besides that if I was having allergy for which I had to take an anti allergy tablet. Even though I was taking all those medicines yet still I was experiencing:

  1. depression,
  2. pessimism,
  3. anxiety,
  4. stress,
  5. headache,
  6. sleeping disorder,
  7. lower back pain / backache,
  8. pain in thighs,
  9. hair loss,
  10. weight gain,
  11. Fear of Dogs
  12. low D-vitamin
  13. allergy,
  14. Fear and phobias
  15. Irritation and anger
  16. stomach problems etc etc

The thing I was really worried and tired about was my extreme anger or aggressive attitude towards myself, my kids, my husband and my family members. I was disturbed at my work as well. I always faced difficulties in taking important decisions in my personal and professional life.

I would also thank to my dearest sister who searched you on internet and told me that Dr Hussain Kaisrani sahib is an experienced, intelligent and well known homeopathist and psychotherapist.

During my first consultancy interview, my expression was like “Why is he asking so many irrelevant questions? Or why do I have to reply about my personal matters etc.
When I was told that there is no need to take those medicines which I was taking since 10 years, It was taken a back. For my satisfaction, it was decided that I can take THYROXINE if there is some real need. I promised to follow the plan but I was not very sure especially for thyroxine. To be honest with you, I concluded that treatment would fail to help me as I was addicted to my medicines like thyroxine. If sometimes in the past, I forgot to take thyroxine; I could feel just in 5 days that I have a lack of thyroxine. I could not wake up early, my weight gained very faster, felt sleepy and tired all the time.

I remember that day when you prescribed my first medicine (only one tablet in the morning and night), I slept deeply at that night, the next morning I was not tired at all. My energy level was significantly better.

Doctor Sahib! The next consultancy session when you asked about my behavior, I was amazed to notice that it was almost changed positively. Actually, this helped me to decide to continue homeopathy treatment.

Alhamdollillah! I am still under homeopathy treatment and therapies. I am very satisfied with the improvement within 3 months treatment. More than 80% of my problems have been solved now. Dr Hussain Sahib, Sir! I feel your ability as a homeopathist is a blessing of Allah Almighty. I really appreciate and admire your way of treatment. I have been under treatment from homeopathists in Denmark and London but you are different, better and special. It’s sensible and adorable that you are very good listener rand provide proper time and concentration. During consultancy session, I feel that you pick up some small things which I never had an idea that could be related to my health. For example; I used to take coffee everyday and I was afraid of dogs etc etc. You have treated all my small and big issues. I have never taken any allopathic medicine including Thyroxine during last 3 months. It seems unbelievable to me but it is 100% true. To my surprise;

  1. I am feeling better than EVER before.
  2. I have lost weight – Yes, I used to fit in L size and in M outfits but my size is S now. I am sure that soon it will be Zero. And I have not started any diet plan or exercise for that. It is only due to your multidimensional treatment. Here in Europe, beauty means smartness not the colour.
  3. No pain in lower back and thighs
  4. Enjoying life and spending quality as well as quantity time with my family and kids
  5. No more depressed feeling, stressed and angry.

Danish health system is well known in western countries. Allopathic Doctors are free here and we get offer (discounts and concessions) or sometimes free medicine but still there is a huge difference in both treatments. Homeopathic Medicine is available in very low cost but Doctors charges heavy fees. My personal Doctor (allopathic) has not much time to listen all the things. After listing few problems; he / she suggests, “You need to give blood test then we will talk in next consultation. But I found completely difference in your way of treatment even though many a time, I have been very irritative for you. You are a blessing Sir!

I would like to recommend to all those who are suffering from physical or emotional issues to contact you. Most important thing is that when I request you to pray for me and my family, you always accept my request. I can only thank you for being such a nice towards me and my family. I pray that Allah Almighty reward you for your good work.

Jazakalkah and Wasalam.

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