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The Future of Homeopathy – A Perspective View

There is an overall impression that homeopathy is used today by millions of people and practiced by hundreds of thousands of practitioners all over the world … which is true! Whether the practitioners are capable of using this new force in medicine in an appropriate way is a totally different story. The homeopathic field of medicine is so open to all kind of interventions, distortions and bad practice that its original form is almost totally masked or lost and its effectiveness reduced to a mere 10% of its capabilities. This minimal 10% derives mainly from a small group of practitioners that have followed the original teachings of S. Hahnemann and the right lines of applications. The effect of those practitioners in their private practice is near 70-80% of success. These practitioners were recognised as classical homeopaths, but soon a lot of intruders attached to their name this qualification in order to confuse the public and get a portion of the clientele.

Though Homeopathy’s overall effectiveness is low due to its bad application by most of its practitioners, in the minds of the people it has been established as a form of medicine that is better and more effective than conventional medicine with its side-effects and complications. The main reason for this impression is that it has been proven effective in conditions of chronic diseases that have no solution in conventional medicine. Many successful cases have been reported primarily by classical homeopaths who knew how to use this new force in medicine in an appropriate way.

It is therefore an easily predictable fact that what will follow is an expansion of the use of homeopathy. What form this expanding trend will take, is something we have yet to see. What is certain, is that from now on, homeopathy will progress to a new status within the medical arena. The reason is simple – it is a form of medicine that is needed badly by a certain percentage of global humanity which is already deeply sick with chronic conditions. Sick and suffering people have discovered its potential and nothing can stop a useful medical system which is so much superior to its existant counterpart.

In 1915, with the death of the famous American homeopath James Tyler Kent, homeopathy declined suddenly and steeply. Maybe today, 200 years later, the the tide will turn in the opposite direction.

Who is practicing?
The world situation, looked upon from the side of practitioners is a bizarre one. Realising the demand from the public, a lot of practitioners who were connected with medicine, even loosely, are trying to apply it either professionally or in some form of self help. On the other hand, some new methods and ideas as to how it could be made easier and used more simply, have arisen, in order to fill a tremendous gap in education that exists today. In their ignorance practitioners of all types have fallen for these easier ways but have been soon disappointed. They then try another way until they are again disappointed and so on. By the time such practitioners have found out the correct way of applying this science, they have lost a lot of years, a lot of effort and a lot of money.

Actually the correct studying of this methodology is a rigorous one and requires all the strength and enthusiasm on the part of the student, in order to overcome the difficulties in learning it. Students in the past used to always be in the periphery of medicine but of late most practitioners who approach serious institutions of learning are medical doctors and many of them with a specialty already. But such brains are already tired as they are overloaded with information and the space in their memory capacity is seriously reduced.

Another issue that MD’s are facing is, that as soon as they learn homeopathy’s rudimentary elements, they rush to practice and soon find themselves inundated with patients. Two years of learning that signals the completion of the basic education seems all they need in order to start practicing, but actually the real time needed for expertise should have been 5-7 years and this under supervision. The physician cannot unfold all the tremendous possibilities that exist with this more thorough learning.

In these efforts of properly educating doctors, I include several medical universities (Russia), Colleges (India, Pakistan, South America), institutions (Europe) and Academies that provide such solid knowledge like that provided by the International Academy of Classical Homeopathy from Greece in its “E-Learning Program in Classical Homeopathy”, which is considered perhaps the best of its kind according to the evaluation of its students. This program is the most complete and the most professional and has prepared very many excellent practitioners.
The ideal education of medical doctors still remains the major challenge for all Medical Schools, Universities, institutions and Academies. So far it is established beyond any doubt that homeopathy is needed for better health in the world. What remains now is to find a way of educating correctly and thoroughly all prospective practitioners. The problem is that governments will not rush in support of such an idea.

Education of doctors
If we need a better state of health, society has to take care of the education of the doctors. The system as it stands today forbids such a development. Medical institutions of course are out of the questions. They will never undertake such an initiative as they are usually run financially with the support of the pharmaceutical industry which sponsors all their research. Those who really have an interest in promoting higher education for medical doctors in such a low cost medical system like homeopathy, are the public sectors of the insurance institutions and of course the private insurance companies. The insurance systems are at this moment on the point of collapse due to huge expenses, so a change will be forced upon them soon.

In a practical manner this is my proposal:
One, or even better a few private insurance companies together should organise a congress to which will be invited to present evidence:

  1. The CEO’s of insurance companies
  2. The directors of hospitals, public and private
  3. Representatives from the ministries of health from all over Europe, Russia and USA

The insurance companies are the only institutions that care about the mounting cost of medical coverage and if they do not do something soon, it will be threatened with bankruptcy. We gather the best of our cases recorded on videos and present to them thousands of impressive cures from all kinds of pathology, from severe gangrene cases before amputation to sever neurodermatitis, to gingivitis, to psoriasis, to asthmatic conditions, to neuromuscular cases, mental diseases, ulcerative colitis etc. etc.

(George Vithoulkas)

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