The process, Procedure and Fee Structure of Hussain Kaisrani ONLINE Homeopathic Treatment

FOR the detail in URDU, Please CLICK HERE.————- If this is your first time receiving a Classical Homeopathic Treatment, it is very important to develop a basic understanding of this procedure before starting it.   Being used to the conventional medicinal practice, patients generally arrive with the same expectations that they have of their regular medical doctors in all regards. But to benefit fully from the method of care adopted by physicians practicing Classical Homeopathy, one will have to learn to look at this procedure with a different perspective.   The basic principles of Classical Homeopathy demand that the patient be treated on the whole.   Now what does whole mean?   It simply means that the human being’s mental, emotional, and physical symptoms are all connected to each other, and there is no possible way to separate one from the other. Meaning if you treat one part, you treat it all, while if you disturb one, you shall end up disturbing it all!   Hence the Homeopathic treatment involves your healer to take a very detailed review of your health on the mental, emotional, and physical level, in a totality. The healer must get a deep understanding of the patient in front of him.   So, the first consultation with our patients is a very important one, for this is where the tone is set, an understanding is developed of what is it that needs treatment in the patient and whether there is a chance of recovery or not. Many patients arriving with a very depleted state of health may have surpassed that point of reversal, so the first consultation shall help us get an idea of the scope of assistance that can or cannot be offered.   The initial consultation may include, but not be limited to, questions about your physical health, emotional or mental traumas, sleep patterns, environmental triggers, personal & family history, chronic issues, desires, aversions, thoughts, dreams, approach towards life, weather or atmosphere affects, fear, phobias etc., which when shared with detail and accuracy shall prove beneficial as the case moves along. Since this is a time-consuming process for the patient and the healer, we offer for the convenience of our patients, a WhatsApp meeting or an on-call discussion that can be conducted from the comfort of your own home.   The case discussion session generally lasts about 1 hours, but depending on the nature of the case it may be shorter or longer. And although it is optimal that the case be given directly by the patient himself / herself but in cases of minors or patients with any physical or mental debilities, family members or close relations may help in this process.   Once a satisfactory case has been taken, we must then begin research upon finding the most suitable remedy for the patient. This is a very methodical process that involves much experience and diligence on part of the physician in order to arrive at the most effective medicine. After a remedy has been decided upon it is prescribed and mailed out to our patients in a timely manner.   What is also important during this time for us is to have struck a chord with our patient, a sense of bonding that is, for that is what has gone quite missing in therapeutic fields in thismodern age. It is imperative for us to begin this journey with our patients only if we think there is a cordial resonance amongst the two parties. And these are not things that are just taken lightly, and they carry much weight upon embarking this journey towards cure.   The patient shall slowly begin feeling the practical importance of these words as we move on together.   The healer and patient alliance along with the thoroughly researched initial prescription, we hope and expect to bring about a visible and positive difference in the health of the patientdepending on his or her general state of well-being.   And as this process moves on, changes in health are closely reviewed and recorded upon a 12 to15 day on-call follow-up meeting session, generally to assess the case further as it moves along and changing remedies when needed.   Although we are also available to answer any pressing queries or to address any emergencies during the lay over time, through WhatsApp texting and / or voice messages.   This process may go on up until the patient feels all health issues have been addressed, resolved, and cured, depending upon their own level of satisfaction. Although a general suggestion is made by us regarding the time needed for resolving all the issues for optimal health of the patient and is left up to the patient’s own choice.   Fee Structure for patients in Pakistan:   Fee starts at Rs.20,000 per month which includes case taking, prescribing, changing remedies as needed, changing potencies of the remedies along with availability for guidance throughout this process. Also included is the dispatching of prescribed medicines to our patients through courier services (TCS) and it is generally received within 2 working days. Fee Structure for patients Abroad:   160 £ per month (or equaling) 200 $ per month for patients (or equaling)    This includes case taking that is exclusively scheduled to suit the needs of our patients abroad with respect to the time zone they are in along with providing them with a wide range of remedies that are packaged and shipped to them. This avoids the need for them to buy expensive homeopathic remedies by themselves, eliminating the wait time that may be incurred whilst receiving a certain remedy when it is needed during the treatment process.   Exclusively available only for our patients living in the USA, is a customized package of a wide range of remedies, dispatched from our branch located in the US region. This enables our patients to have remedies on hand and available to use whenever needed during the process or in emergencies. Making a subscription with us a more … Continue reading The process, Procedure and Fee Structure of Hussain Kaisrani ONLINE Homeopathic Treatment