I had my first ever PANIC ATTACK in 2007 in the plane and then this cycle started (Please CLICK HERE for full case details) . During last 10 years, my Normal Life has kind of ended completely. I did not like indulging in social activities like meeting people and attending any function, celebrations and weddings etc. The smell of food used to panic me. I thought that I will stop breathing (you can say feeling of choking) or I will vomit.

The doctors suggested that my anxiety is due to PHOBIA. Initially, I was afraid of night, darkness and traveling so my discomfort or anxiety was more intense. And I used to have multiple panic attacks during the course of a day.

Initially, when one panic attack used to set in, it used to take me 24 hrs (sometimes a whole week) to completely recover from that episode. I could not tell anyone about these issues and the troubles because thinking and talking about these made me even more anxious. And the biggest problem was that I could not sleep all night. I had a trouble lying down on bed. Many times it was not even possible to sit due to severe anxiety. I remember often I used to walk almost whole night in my room. And I used to sleep only while sitting. Laying down on bed was a dream then. This condition has been so for a lot of years.

But there was one such thing in all this. That I never gave up hope. Will I ever be normal or not? I always used to think like that. And in reality it was all that I have to be normal. I tried everything  …  Somehow this problem needed to be addressed.

Not only that I have trust on the doctors, but also on Allah … But gradually my recovery was like a dream for me.

The doctor (Psychiatrist) diagnosed me with GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER and prescribed me antidepressant and relaxant which were supposed to be used for only one year but this one year stretched into 10 years as whenever I tried to get rid of these drugs, my problems increased even more. I was left with the only option to continue the medicines.

I tried so many things for this. In my mobile and iPad you will find the APPS only like that “How discomfort, anxiety and depression could be reduced”. I tried to take all possible measures; like Slow Breathing Exercises, Deep Relaxation, Meditation, CBT diary, and Rational Thinking Training, Mindfulness Exercises and Yoga and Self Hypnosis. People having anxiety and depression issues take some help from all these things. And I used to do all these everyday. It may seem impossible to do all this every single day … But I used to do all this to get bit normal and relaxed. To keep my hope alive that I tried to take some relief from these exercises along with medicines prescribed by doctor.

Then with the passage of time, I restricted myself to do limited exercises on daily basis. But slow breathing and CBT were must and I could not even leave these for 1 day. If I missed then I had a lot of issues. Mind dullness and Mind Emptiness were the biggest issue of mine even with taking allopathic medicine very regularly.

And then I came across Hussain Kaisrani Homeopathic Consultancy Facebook page and started Sir Hussain Kaisrani‘s treatment. Now 20 days have been passed and I have not had any side effects of leaving allopathic medicine yet.

People who take antidepressant know that it is not easy to quit allopathic medicines. Rather, it is equally difficult to reduce the quantity. And only one day before Sir Hussain Kaisrani’s treatment, I was taking those medicine very regularly.

I started Homeopathic treatment on July 5, 2017 and today is July 24th. Today I am 100% allopathic medicine free without any major side effects. Almost 70 percent of my issues – the emotional / mind issues that relate to discomfort, anxiety and depression – are addressed. There are only some physical and other issues left which are still there but are being managed very nicely. I am pretty sure and hopeful that with the help of Sir Hussain Kaisrani, these too will get cured really soon. In Sha Allah.

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