Patient / Client Miss AA Khan, resident of Dera Ghazi Khan contacted on July 04, 2017, through Facebook Page and discussed her case on phone. She is a religious scholar and currently working as a lecturer in a college.

According to patient, her complaint / problems date back 10 YEARS from now and gradually increased in severity and intensity along the way with occasional severe exacerbation and repeated use of multiple techniques to get rid of problems.

After detailed case taking, following constellation of symptoms was reported by the patient.


These were the most important and predominant complaints in overall case findings


According to her, the first episode of panic attack occurred ten years back during the flight and then it started occurring intermittently on several occasions. Panic attacks used to be severe in intensity, once started used to take hours and sometimes weeks to settle down. The frequency and intensity of panic attacks kept on increasing over the period of time. She used multiple techniques to treat them majorly including CBT, SLOW BREATHING EXERCISES, YOGA, RELAXATION EXERCISES, DIFFERENT MOBILE AND ONLINE APPS, but even if it helped for time being, nothing actually worked and no long term relief was obtained. Another major problem, she states was ANXIETY all the time about everything. Over the course of years, she ended up being diagnosed as a case of GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER by a psychiatrist based in UK and was prescribed antidepressants. Even with the use of medications her condition didn’t properly settle. She kept on having anxiety and panic attacks on regular basis. Owing to her condition, her doses were stepped up but despite that, she couldn’t get proper relief. After being disappointed, she tried to stop the medication on her own but then she had so much withdrawal symptoms that she had to continue the same medicine (unwillingly). According to her, she was stuck with the medicine but taking medicine or leaving it both situations were disturbing and bothersome with her. The repeated counselling by her consultant (psychiatrist) made her even more depressed.


During these years she developed multiple phobias which are as following

  • fear of flying / flights / aeroplanes  
  • fear of leaving home and staying overnight at any place other than her own home 
  • fear of travelling during night (even with the family) / nyctophobia / noctiphobia
  • fear of buildings / open spaces / Agoraphobia 
  • fear of shopping malls 
  • fear of thunderstorms / brontophobia (the patient states that even when the weather starts becoming slightly cloudy it starts making her uncomfortable and with the weather, becoming more severe anxiety enhances to become a full blown panic attack, cloudy weather, lightening, thunderstorms are very difficult to withstand for her)
  • fear of something unanticipated and suddenly bad happening 
  • Crippling fear and insecurities regarding near future (doubts and reservations about marriage and proposal )
  • fear of not recovering from ailments (Anxiety about health)


 According to her, she was unable to attend functions, weddings or other events due to her tendency to avoid people. She was unable to engage herself in any social activity She was easily irritated, annoyed and had difficult time with people.



It is noteworthy that patient got religious education properly from a madrassah. She states that she has seen many spiritual personalities in her dreams many times. She also claimed to see many of those spiritual personalities in person.


She states that before falling asleep, she has a trouble with arrangements of pillows and frequently changes posture because of restlessness before finally falling asleep. This is a bothersome issue on daily basis. She cannot sleep on left side.


She remains generally melancholic, depressed, anxious, annoyed, irritated and frightened due to multiple phobias.


She report aversion to eggs, meat and meat products (BBQ and other mutton products), excessive desire for tea. She has an aversion to cold and sweet things.


She has constant, repetitive, disturbing negative thought round the clock and it was out of her control to get rid of them or to block them. (She tried self-hypnosis, meditation and many other modalities). Her mind remains DULL, LOST, UNFOCUSED AND ABSORBED IN NEGATIVE THOUGHTS all the time and she was practically unable to do anything productive for quite a long time.


  1. She has emotional imbalance
  2. Tendency to grieve easily, tendency to sacrifice for others
  3. VERY STRONG RELIGIOUS TENDENCY (skipping prayers make her anxious)
  4. Another important event leading to constitution and presentation of symptoms was her ENGAGEMENT with a relative that remained for 4 years. (It is important that she didn’t has a healthy stable relationship which started making her insecure over the course of time. The long waiting intervals (months and months) between unresponed messages kept her bothered. Due to these conflicts, her engagement was called off but the love disappointment that she had to face had a serious impact on psychological, behavioural and emotional aspect of her personality that remained with her until her presentation.


Loss of appetite / ANOREXIA 

The leading complaint of patient was that she was unable to eat anything for long period of times .Loss of appetite reached to the point where she only used to take liquid foods .She also had complaint of dry mouth along with decreased appetite.

Constipation / Piles / Haemarrhoids / Varicose veins 

She had complaint of longstanding constipation for a long time along with hemorrhoids and passage of blood clots with stool followed by burning sensation and difficulty in sitting posture after passage of stool.

Burning of soles 

She had constant feeling of burning underneath her feet – feet sole burning.

Sweating on head and neck

She had complaint of excessive sweating on head and neck region.

Skin eruptions / warts

Ever since her childhood, she had skin growths on her neck.

Sinking of heart 

She complained of having sensation of sinking of heart on multiple occasions.

Fungus underneath nails

She had fungal growth on her nailbeds for quite a long time .longstanding fungal infection of nails.

Insomnia / Sleeplessness / Nightmares

She had longstanding complaint of disturbed sleep cycles. She used to stroll across the room all night long but couldn’t fall asleep. She developed phobia of lying in bed, she had to sit for hours and hours because she couldn’t lie down. The misery reached to the point where she had to SLEEP WHILE SITTING for a long period of time. According to her she had frequent nightmares and due to this even if she somehow managed to fall asleep for some hours she used to waked up tired and unrefreshed next morning. Mornings were disturbing and difficult for her owing to all the troubles with sleep she had to go through every night.


Complaint of hair fall for a long period of time.


Constitutions – HEMORRHOIDAL, constitutions

Constitutions – HEMORRHOIDAL, constitutions – constipation, with

Constitutions – MELANCHOLIC, constitutions

Constitutions – MELANCHOLIC, constitutions – constipation

Constitutions – MELANCHOLIC, constitutions – subject to skin diseases

Delusions – RELIGIOUS

Feet – BURNING, pain – burning, soles

Food – APPETITE, general – diminished

Food – APPETITE, general – loss, of appetite

Food – EGGS, agg. – aversion to

Food – MUTTON, agg. – aversion to

Food – TEA, agg. – desires

Generals – BATHING, washing, general – aversion to

Generals – EVENING,  agg. – 7 p.m.

Generals – EVENING,  agg. – sunset, agg.

Hands – FUNGUS, under fingernails

Mind – ABSORBED, mentally – as to what would become of him

Mind – ABSORBED, mentally – future, about

Mind – ADAPTIBILITY, loss of

Mind – ANTI-SOCIAL, behavior

Mind – ANXIETY, general

Mind – ANXIETY, general – accident, as if some, would happen

Mind – ANXIETY, general – ailments, from anxiety

Mind – ANXIETY, general – diseases, about – despair of getting well, with

Mind – ANXIETY, general – evening – 7 p.m. – 7 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Mind – ANXIETY, general – evening – alone, when

Mind – ANXIETY, general – evening – as evening comes on

Mind – ANXIETY, general – evening – bed, in

Mind – AVERSION, mental – bathing, to

Mind – DISAPPOINTMENT, ailments from

Mind – DULLNESS, mental

Mind – EMPTINESS, sensation

Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – agoraphobia

Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – airplanes

Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – away, from home

Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – happen, something bad will

Mind – FEAR, general, phobias – thunderstorm, of

Mind – IRRITABILITY, general

Mind – THUNDERSTORM, agg., during – before agg.

Neck – WARTS – warts, throat, external

Rectum – BLEEDING, from anus and rectum – stool, during – after

Rectum – BURNING, anus, in – stool, after

Rectum – BURNING, anus, in – stool, during

Rectum – BURNING, pain – sitting, while

Sleep – POSITION, of body – changed frequently – midnight and after midnight

Sleep – POSITION, of body – side, on – right

Sleep – UNREFRESHING, sleep – morning – more tired in morning than in evening

Sleep – UNREFRESHING, sleep – rising, indisposed to



On repertorisation of the case, Natrum Muriaticum, Sulphur and Lycopodium are top most indicated medicines. During online and telephonic interview the patient was found extrovert though she prefers to remains at home. Loss of adaptability and anti social behavior could be due to too much use of antidepressant drugs and that too for so many years. It is better to treat the uppermost layer first which is obviously a Nux Vomica layer. Nux Vomica is supposed to open up the case.

July 05, 2017 – Nux Vomica was prescribed 

August 10, 2017 – PHOSPHORUS was prescribed.

From the feedback, it was concluded that Nux Vomica worked wonderfully nice. There were occasional ups and downs for medicine was not changed. She was asked to manage it. Her stomach problem increased a bit. Only few times, attacks of anxiety were witnessed but were managed without taking extra medicine. She also went to market and other cities in the night. She was slightly disturbed but everything remained under control. The fear of thunderstorm and travelling in the dark was prominent. Anxiety increased when there were clouds and signs of rain. Desire for sweet and cold was increased significantly. Stomachache kept on disturbing.

August 26, 2017 – She sent an amazing feedback today. First time, after so many years, she was able to stay overnight at some relative’s home. It was main problem and real hurdle of her future life.



July 24, 2017 – Miss AA Khan shared her feedback:

I had my first ever PANIC ATTACK in 2007 in the plane and then this cycle started (Please CLICK HERE for full case details) . During last 10 years, my Normal Life has kind of ended completely. I did not like indulging in social activities like meeting people and attending any function, celebrations and weddings etc. The smell of food used to panic me. I thought that I will stop breathing (you can say feeling of choking) or I will vomit.

The doctors suggested that my anxiety is due to PHOBIA. Initially, I was afraid of night, darkness and traveling so my discomfort or anxiety was more intense. And I used to have multiple panic attacks during the course of a day.

Initially, when one panic attack used to set in, it used to take me 24 hrs (sometimes a whole week) to completely recover from that episode. I could not tell anyone about these issues and the troubles because thinking and talking about these made me even more anxious. And the biggest problem was that I could not sleep all night. I had a trouble lying down on bed. Many times it was not even possible to sit due to severe anxiety. I remember often I used to walk almost whole night in my room. And I used to sleep only while sitting. Laying down on bed was a dream then. This condition has been so for a lot of years.

But there was one such thing in all this. That I never gave up hope. Will I ever be normal or not? I always used to think like that. And in reality it was all that I have to be normal. I tried everything  …  Somehow this problem needed to be addressed.

Not only that I have trust on the doctors, but also on Allah … But gradually my recovery was like a dream for me.

The doctor (Psychiatrist) diagnosed me with GENERALIZED ANXIETY DISORDER and prescribed me antidepressant and relaxant which were supposed to be used for only one year but this one year stretched into 10 years as whenever I tried to get rid of these drugs, my problems increased even more. I was left with the only option to continue the medicines.

I tried so many things for this. In my mobile and iPad you will find the APPS only like that “How discomfort, anxiety and depression could be reduced”. I tried to take all possible measures; like Slow Breathing Exercises, Deep Relaxation, Meditation, CBT diary, and Rational Thinking Training, Mindfulness Exercises and Yoga and Self Hypnosis. People having anxiety and depression issues take some help from all these things. And I used to do all these everyday. It may seem impossible to do all this every single day … But I used to do all this to get bit normal and relaxed. To keep my hope alive that I tried to take some relief from these exercises along with medicines prescribed by doctor.

Then with the passage of time, I restricted myself to do limited exercises on daily basis. But slow breathing and CBT were must and I could not even leave these for 1 day. If I missed then I had a lot of issues. Mind dullness and Mind Emptiness were the biggest issue of mine even with taking allopathic medicine very regularly.

And then I came across Bahria Homeopathic Consultancy Facebook page and started Sir Hussain Kaisrani‘s treatment. Now 20 days have been passed and I have not had any side effects of leaving allopathic medicine yet.

People who take antidepressant know that it is not easy to quit allopathic medicines. Rather, it is equally difficult to reduce the quantity. And only one day before Sir Hussain Kaisrani’s treatment, I was taking those medicine very regularly.

I started Homeopathic treatment on July 5, 2017 and today is July 24th. Today I am 100% allopathic medicine free without any major side effects. Almost 70 percent of my issues – the emotional / mind issues that relate to discomfort, anxiety and depression – are addressed. There are only some physical and other issues left which are still there but are being managed very nicely. I am pretty sure and hopeful that with the help of Sir Hussain Kaisrani, these too will get cured really soon. In Sha Allah.


Everything was going so wonderfully well so there was no need to change the medicine.


August 01, 2017 – She sent her monthly feedback and review.

When I decided to start my homeopathic treatment, Sir Hussain Kaisrani discussed all the issues in detail on phone. My major issue was loss of appetite or inability to feel any need of eating. Right after two days of starting medicine, my appetite improved markedly and one morning I surprised myself by having breakfast at 5 AM because I felt so hungry (I never thought to eat at this time, even if I was hungry). Now a days my appetite is not very good but I can keep on eating after short intervals.

My second major issue was waking up tired and unrefreshed in the morning (even if I used to wake up around 1 pm, I still used to feel sleep deprived). Sleep was always restless due to same, repetitive, disturbing nightmares which I was having from years and years (may be that was the reason I used to wake up un-refreshed everyday). My sleep was improved on 9th July (I still remember date and time because I never slept like that ever before), It was of short duration but it was like the carefree sleep of a little kid. I wish I could sleep like that one more time. After that my sleep cycle improved significantly. Now I wake up really fresh every morning. The frequency of bothersome dreams have reduced significantly (although I still have them occasionally).

My third major issue and concern was getting rid of my previous allopathic medicines (antidepressants) safely which I took those for almost 11 YEARS). I was expecting some side effects of leaving medicine (like I might have to go through 7- 8 very difficult days and I was mentally prepared for it because I had seen worse). BUT to my surprise, nothing happened. I still cannot believe that I had ONLY one anxiety attack and that too, for only few minutes. It settled down very smoothly due to my sir Hussain Kaisrani guidance and homeopathic medicine. I am not sure it is the magic of homeopathic medicines or merely by talking to him, the issue resolves instantly. Sir Hussain stood by me through this tough time. You will never find any doctor, any psychiatrist or any psychologist who will ensure his 24/7 availability.

It was like my problem of getting rid of antidepressants was a lot bigger concern for my consultant Sir Hussain Kaisrani than it was for me. He himself feels the pain of his patient and may be that is exactly why the medicine works really quickly. He listens to all the minor (u may say silly and stupid) issues with huge concern. He pays attention to those things for which you can be easily mocked and ridiculed if you tell those to other people.

Personally, I think it was quite justified if a medicine used for 11 years disturbs you for 2 weeks (which is supposed to be a standard time for appearance of both effects and side effects of antidepressant medicines in allopathy) but thanks to Allah, sir Hussain Kaisrani and Homeopathy that didn’t happen at all, NOT AT ALL. This was my foremost concern (to get rid of antidepressants / allopathy medicines) but i never imagined that happening “without side effects”.

These were my few issues which got addressed at start.

Only few minor issues are present now but that are physical, but physical issues are not a big deal for me. Physically I still have issue of burning soles (which has reduced significantly) and dullness of mind (that too will get addressed soon In sha Allah).

Apart from these, few interesting positive changes that I felt during this month were quite surprising for me. Most important of them was “normal feelings” which were almost gone. The ability to feel happiness and sadness / grief .Like during the moments of happiness my mind used to dwell on negative things (like going to market, like rain because both of these were serious disturbing to me). The phobia related to weather has not completely settled yet but it is manageable and GOING TO MARKET IS NOT ISSUE ANYMORE.

Before my treatment with Bahria Homeopathic Consultancy, I was unable to feel sadness / grief / emotional pain not even the legit sadness (For example, I didn’t feel grief on the death of close relative and kept on behaving normal, although behaving normal was NOT NORMAL). Some years ago, I used to feel TOO MUCH EMOTIONAL PAIN (like I used to give up on eating, sleeping on hearing news of somebody’s death). Again, that too was not normal. Now I am able to feel pain of other people but in a balanced lever which I think is positive. My emotions of pain and happiness are getting balanced.

Another positive change that I experienced and is kind of strange and impossible for me. Soon after starting treatment, I developed aversion to tea. Before Homeopathic treatment I used to have tea all the time (craving for tea) and if by any chance, I missed my morning tea I used to feel laziness and fatigue all day long. All of a sudden I, kind of, started hating tea and now it’s been more than 20 days that I didn’t take tea (I tried it only once and that too unwillingly). The craving for tea has totally diminished. AMAZING!


August 03, 2017 – The results are so amazing. Isn’t it?

Homeopathic remedy Phosphorus is highly indicated as she is now happy to see and talk her family and relatives, Shares feeling and emotions with her loved ones, Along with some other fears, the Fear and Phobia of Thunderstorm is still prominent. Followup online / telephonic interview is due on August 05, 2017 in which final observations and information would help in deciding for next remedy.