A patient with multiple Suicide Attempts decides NOT to Give up – Feedback

I can never thank him enough for not giving upon me.
Going through ups and downs of life, multiple suicide attempts, losing my hopes after my father’s death and seeing unveiled evil faces of my own people, made me completely give up when I contacted Homeopathic Dr. Hussain Kaisrani in March 2023.
Even after all the sufferings, I still wanted to live and laugh but my mental health declined causing deterioration of my physical health as well.
Day or night, weekend or weekdays, regardless of the tiny monetary benefits, Dr Kaisrani kept holding me through his magical words of encouragement and medicine. One thing which kept me moving is the realisation that he cannot do it alone and I must receive whatever he is giving me.
I am still under treatment and perhaps going through the most rough patch of life, he helps me coming to surface from abyss and I always need to make room in my mind. This life will end when it’s time, until then I will keep trying Inshaa’Allah.

I am sure that Dr. Hussain will not give up on me as well.


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Hussain Kaisrani

Hussain Kaisrani (aka Ahmad Hussain) is a distinguished Psychotherapist & Chief Consultant at Homeopathic Consultancy, Lahore, Learn More

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