Eye Allergies

Eye Allergies:
Nothing is more irritating than the feeling that there is something in your eye. if your eyes are red and irritated, but you don’t see anything in them, it could be allergies.

Symptoms can occur independently but usually accompany the sneezing, sniffling or stuffy nose related to nasal allergies.

Symptoms of eye allergy includes.



Clear, watery discharge

Sticky Eyes

Sneezing Bouts

Wanting to rub the eyes vigrously

All of us go through these symptoms sometime or the other and it gets better on its own in a day or two.

When these symptoms continue for longer period of time or you wake up everyday with the above symptoms that is when you need help.

Allopathic approach:
Usually some eyedrops or an anti-allergy tablet will set it right but for a short period of time. It usually comes back once you stop the anti-allergens.

Homeopathic approach:
We need to understand that all these symptoms are happening because the body is reacting to something that it is allergic to and for this to completely stop the changes have to happen within the body and that is what homeopathy does.Homepathy treats the body so that it does not react to whatever is that allergen that is causing the symptoms.

It will take a while but for sure Homeopathy can help

Take care .

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