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The homeopathic principle of prescribing medicines established the basis of the why, how and when a medicinal agent becomes a source of healing, which has to do with understanding the patient on the whole.

Some of the basic rules that govern this philosophy are as follows

  1. Every individual expresses the common physical symptoms in a manner that is very characteristic to the kind of person he or she is.
  2. The single remedy prescribed for those common symptoms has to be the one most suited to the patient’s current characteristic state of dis-ease.
  3. Homeopathic remedies should not be used in a general fashion to treat similar looking physical symptoms in different individuals, given the characteristic traits of each individual are the real guide to the curative remedy that is required by him/her.

And the point mentioned above is how a common mistake is made by homeopathic doctor when we generalize symptoms to heal the similar looking symptoms without considering the idiosyncrasies of the patient to solve the case.

For example, this case that came my way was one involving warts on the toes of the patient that would not heal with all the generalized remedies that are considered to be indicated in cases of warts, corns or calluses. The patient was in great distress because she was not able to attend to her daily routine activities due to the pain caused by these stubborn warts.


Homeopathy Prescribing

Patient failed to respond curatively to the general homeopathic remedies indicated for warts (Thuja, Causticum, Staphysagria). Prescribing like this, in reality an allopathic way to prescribe a remedy. It was realized that the true mental state of the individual had perhaps not been taken into account yet. The patient was urged to dig deeper into her life. It was highly required to understand the root cause of her dis-ease.

The realization to apply the basic principles of prescribing homeopathically for the dis-eased person and not just her local symptoms helped both of us understand, as a team. It was lied at the root of her problematic warts.

Homeopathic Remedy Stramonium

Considering the essential totality of her case, Homeopathic remedy Stramonium was selected. Stramonium is not a conventional remedy for warts. Yet when the remedy corresponded to her mind symptoms, it became the curative agent in her case. As her feedback reports, a wonderfully positive response submerged from the administration of this unconventional remedy. It was particularly indicated for her dis-eased state of mind. Not only her warts were cured but she was also able to handle those emotional issues in her life that were the real cause of her arrested vital force (immune system or defence mechnism)!

The great mischief done by allopaths is due to the fact that they want to cover up everything that is in the economy; they act as if ashamed of everything in the human race; whereas Homoeopathy endeavors to reveal everything in the human race and to antidote those drugs that cover up, and to free those diseases that are held down. James Tyler Kent M.D.




Patient’s Feedback

6 years back, Warts, Corns or Calluses appeared in my little left foot finger. It was very painful and disturbing my routine.

Professional Work Requirements and Difficulties

I am a professional lady who has to walk around my work area most of the time or stand for a long time while talking to my audience. The wart took a very bad form and became extremely painful with passage of time. Skin specialists had an option of minor surgery or giving antibiotics but every time it came back even worse and more painful.

Treatment from Homeopathic Doctor Hussain Kaisrani of Lahore

Finally, I shared my problem with Dr Hussain Kaisrani who is a homeopathic doctor based in Lahore. He started my treatment online, homeopathy medicine worked but the wart was taking too much time to reduce. He was not satisfied with the results in that slow process.

The Impact of Emotional and Psychological Issues on Physical Health problems

Meanwhile, in one of the online regular feedback sessions, I was asked by Dr. Kaisrani to dig out deeper and think about what I have not shared yet. He suggested focusing on something related to the emotional sphere; anxiety, suppression, fears and phobia etc etc.

Oh Yes! I had a severe phobia of darkness (Nyctophobiaand monsters (Teraphobia), I had never ever slept alone in a room. When I shared details and reasons associated with my emotional and psychological sphere, Dr. Hussain changed his strategy as well as homeopathic medicine.

Soon after that I felt clearly that my fears and phobias were reduced drastically. With that my wart started coming out. And finally it’s completely and super nicely healed!


Curing with Science and a Touch of Art.


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HDr Naheed Naz from India
HDr Naheed Naz from India
2 months ago

Thanx dr. for discussing this aspect of Stramonium and homoeopathic treatment. This is a real face of homoeopathy sir

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