Why choose a classical homeopathic treatment for your child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder ASD ADD or ADHD? – Hussain Kaisrani

According to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) latest data, about every, 1 in 160 children in the world are diagnosed with an ASD (AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER). According to the Autism Society of America
Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and is the result of a neurological disorder that affects the normal functioning of the brain, impacting development in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Both children and adults with autism typically show difficulties in verbal and non- verbal communication, social interaction, and leisure or play activities.
There is a 4:1 ratio of prevalence amongst boys vs girls respectively, being diagnosed with an ASD, which is still not clear as to why there is such a gap between the sexes and it needs to be noted that these numbers do not include low- and middle-income countries either. In the USA alone, it is predicted by year 2035, that every 1 in 3 children will be on the Spectrum. 
The cause of autism is complex and it is unlikely that there is a single cause, but rather a set of triggers involving biological/medical, psychological, behavioral and environmental factors. At one end of the spectrum will be a normally intelligent child with mild autism yet at the other end will be a child with profound learning difficulties and a severe autistic disorder. 
The existing methods and forms of treatment include Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) , Occupational Therapy (OT), Speech Therapy, Nutritional Supplementation or Special Education, which are palliative at best without any hopes of a lasting cure to restore the HEALTH of a child. Not to mention the costs arising from such methods of treatments, burdening the already struggling families of these precious children with added pressures of making ends meet. This exclusively being an even greater issue in low- income countries like Pakistan.
So, what stands clear from all the above information is the dire need faced by our society at large, for a proper form of curative treatment, further studies and extensive research into tackling this exponentially rising health issue affecting our children and ultimately their future. 
And that brings us to the topic of our discussion, as to why would one choose homeopathy as a mode of treatment for their precious child? Why put your trust in this relatively LESSER known form of healing when all else has failed? 
What is the Art of Classical Homeopathy and it’s significance in successfully curing Autism?
Art and science are inseparably bound together. Every art has its foundation in science, and every science finds its expression in art. (Genius of Homeopathy, Stuart Close) 
Although homeopathy is not a science per say with fixed ideas and rules, yet this field is governed by the Laws and Principles of nature which have remained valid for centuries and serve as the basis for the therapeutic and dynamic nature of the potentized remedies involved in the HOMEOPATHIC TREATMENT process. Complimenting that is the role of the homeopathic healer, which can be compared to that of an artist, whose open mindedness , his ability to delve into each and every case with expertise and profound understanding of the “Dis-Eased” individual is what stands him out a cut above others.
The focus of the homeopath on treating the patient as a whole, from inside out and not just the mere symptoms presenting themselves, is perhaps exactly what a unique child on the SPECTRUM really needs.The pooling of all such precious children into one large category of an ailment and treating them with the same fixed pattern can probably bring timely results to “MANAGE” the child temporarily but not to “CURE” them lastingly.
Because in reality these therapies are a “TRAINING” of sorts , where a child knows how to act and behave in a certain setting but they will have no clue how to react if they were to be removed from that familiar atmosphere, specifically ABA which is also used to TRAIN animals. (Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) in animal training works identically to the way it works with people: behavior analysts use observation and experimentation to create a series of functionally effective reinforcements to modify behavior for the benefit of both animals and animal owners.)
But we are human beings and what a human child needs to grow up into a healthy individual is the ability to “LEARN AND DEVELOP”on their own. Hence these children undergoing these superficial therapies maybe BETTER but not HEALTHFUL. The stunted growth pattern of the Autistic child, triggering the inability to learn to develop towards an ever changing , fast paced world is what needs to be addressed as soon as possible so as they are not left behind, beyond all points of recovery. And luckily only homeopathy answers that need in two ways,firstly in the form of it’s mode of treatment with potentized remedies and secondly with the homeopath’s mastery of understanding TRUE HEALTH so as to guide the patient towards it in the least amount of time necessary.
Conscientiously, the classical homeopath’s goal does not stop there, but he is also trained to keep in mind the needs of those around the patient, namely the family of the individual. For more than often, in the pursuit to cure the “sick individual” , the rest of the family is left behind, scarring the family unit with irrepairable harm. So your homeopath, voluntarily becomes a part of that unit, giving him the essential understanding he needs to better assess the nature of the disease to it’s core, for any disease does not just show up out of no where but it has roots in everything surrounding the patient on a regular basis including the family.
And here is a brief look at the homeopathic treatment process for a better understanding of beginners into this field.
For the healer, a client may he be an adult or a child, represents the picture of a certain remedy at the point of case taking. This picture, to the mind of a homeopath, is like a mound of layers, involving physical, mental and emotional symptoms, that need to be studied and assessed very carefully. With each layer presenting itself as the topmost, it is peeled away by administering the similimum remedy, moving further into the process to expose a new layer followed by yet another and the journey continues to find the just right remedy for each layer. This process maybe a quicker one for some but not for others, in both cases patience and perseverance is highly required on the part of the healer as well as the family members, in order to achieve the best and lasting results.
To help achieve an even better understanding, our AUTISM SERIES EDUCATIONAL VIDEOS, have been made specifically for those parents that have been tirelessly seeking for a proper treatment for their beloved child, where we are explaining the role of a remedy and building it’s picture in simple layman terms.Then adding to that initiative, are the myriad of successful cases treated by our classical approach to homeopathy, which speak for themselves when read by the inquirer.
We whole heartedly welcome you to take the time, to go through these phenomenal cases and inform yourself as to how lives can be changed, perceptions shattered and hopes fulfilled by the gentle yet rapid affects of this ground breaking treatment if applied correctly according to it’s true philosophy of cure.
Once done going through these inspiring cases of relief, one shall hopefully realize, it is never too late to choose a path towards true health that reflects on all the spheres of an individual’s life.
At the least it will change your outlook towards life , or at the best you shall harbor the strength needed to achieve it by all means necessary!
The highest ideal of cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the health , or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable , and most harmless way , on easily comprehensible principles. (The Organon by Samuel Hahnemann)
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